01.  The Journey of Optimus Prime Part I -- ONLINE
Optimus Prime arrives on a new world.  When he scans for a new form, what he finds isn't what he expected.

02.  The Journey of Optimus Prime Part II -- ONLINE
Optimus has managed to revert back to his Protoform, but he still needs an alternate form.  Luckily, a helping hand has arrived.

03.  The Journey of Optimus Prime Part III -- ONLINE
Optimus & Battlized Red pay a visit to Kim & Ron, in hopes they'll have some ideas for Optimus' form.

04.  The Journey of Optimus Prime Part IV -- ONLINE
Yugi trys to lend a hand in the quest, but his suggestion isn't fitting.

05.  The Journey of Optimus Prime Part V -- ONLINE
Wing Gundam offers his forms for Optimus' alternate form, but the vehicle mode has been taken by someone else.

06.  The Journey of Optimus Prime Part VI -- ONLINE
When all seems to be lost, the wisdom of Rafiki helps Optimus realize what he needs to be.

07.  The Journey of Optimus Prime Part VII -- ONLINE
The Journey for the Alternate Form finally comes to an end.  To repay Battlized Red, Optimus takes care of a local Robot Destroyer.

08.  Road Rage -- ONLINE
Bumblebee is out for a relaxing drive, but a Mustang tries to ruin that plan.

09.  Storage -- ONLINE
The Transformers Movie Toys have been placed into storage, but why?

10.  Movie Night -- ONLINE
Some of Ryan's toys have a free night and decide to watch a movie.  But this turns out to be more trouble than they expected.

11.  True Evil -- ONLINE
Starscream & Dai Shi discover a greater evil than they could ever imagine.

12.  Help a Spider -- ONLINE
Spider-Man needs something to help his next movie, but that may be a bigger task than he expected.

13.  Shark Week -- ONLINE
Yes, it's that time of the year, but the Shark Ranger & the Sharks are bit too excited.

14.  I'm Better -- ONLINE
The Green Ranger & White Ranger are arguing over who was the better Sixth Ranger.

15.  Rock N Roll -- ONLINE
Soundwave's music is a bit too loud, so the SPD Red Ranger helps him put his talents to better use.

16.  Halloween 4EVR Part I -- ONLINE
The Jungle Fury team goes to check out Ryan's Samhain figure, but they're in for more trouble than they expected.

17.  Halloween 4EVR Part II -- ONLINE
Samhain has captured the Jungle Fury team and turned the Spirit Rangers evil.  There's only one team that can save them.

18.  The New Guys -- ONLINE
The RPM Rangers have arrived, and the Transformers Animated Toys are there to welcome them.

19.  Are You A God? -- ONLINE
Gozer and her pets are causing trouble.

20.  Just Passing Through -- ONLINE
Two new toys arrive in Ryan's room, and one soon learns that Ryan's toys are not pushovers.

21.  Shadow Blade -- ONLINE
Megatron's newest plan leads to him gaining extreme power, and the Autobots have but one hope left.