Years ago, while battling Camille, Flit was turned into a fly by Camille's larva dust.  Since that time, he remained a fly and had to keep close to Camille, and inside her stomach for a certain time.  If he didn't he'd fade away.

During some of the battles of the monsters against the Megazords, Flit with give play-by-play commentary.  But during one of these fights, Flit got trapped underneath some rubble.  Luckily RJ came to save the little guy.  To return the kindness shown to him Flit became friends with RJ, and even help him out on a couple of occasions.

In the final battle against Dai Shi's true Dragon Form, Jarrod and Camille both helped the Rangers in destroying Dai Shi.  With Camille turned good, she returned Flit to his human form.  Being a human again, Flit joined the crew at Jungle Karma Pizza, while still giving the play-by-play of pizzas being made.

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