Fran is the Jungle Karma Pizza's most loyal customer.  She is there everyday and loves to eat pizza.  She's very smart, but a bit clumsy.  Fran spends most of her time at the pizza parlor reading, since she doesn't really have friends and her parents are always too busy.  Plus, after being short staffed, RJ was forced to hire Fran to work at Jungle Karma Pizza.

Fran became the main go-to work of JKP, since every time the Rangers needed to leave for battle, Fran was the only one left to work.  This began to wear on her a bit, and she always wondered where her fellow co-workers were running off to.  Finally, one afternoon, Fran went up to RJ's loft to shut off his TV, but when she went up, she found the TVs showing her three friends Morphing into the Power Rangers.

Once Fran was in on the secret, it helped the Rangers by Fran being able to inform them of trouble in the city, while they were battling at other locations.  After Dominic showed up, Fran started developing a crush on him, though never really acting on it much.

After the final battle against Dai Shi was fought, and the Rangers won, life remained about the same for Fran.  That was until Dominic decided it was time for him to leave and go back to journeying the world.  Fran was saddened to see Dom go, but before he left, Dominic showed everyone that he had bought a plane ticket for Fran as well.  Dom asked Fran is she wanted to go backpacking with him through Europe, and she said yes.

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