After the Rangers had been defeated & RJ captured by Dai Shi, our heroes knew they needed to find help.  When they journeyed back to the Forbidden Room at the Pai Zhuq school, they found carvings on the wall showing their latest masters, but also three master they had not seen before.  Master Mao entered, and explained the those Master had fought in the Great Battle and lost their lives, and that they resided in the Spirit World.

The three teens pleaded with Master Mao to send them to the Spirit World, so that they could find the three Masters, learn from them, and save RJ.  Even though it was against his better judgment, Master Mao opened the door for the warriors and they went to the Spirit World. 

When they arrived in the Spirit World, the three were met by Master Rilla, Master Lope & Master Guin.  The three great Masters tested our heroes in battle.  After beating the teens, the Masters explained that they each had to go on their own journey, in order to become stronger.

Master Guin sent Lily on a journey to conquer her fear of spiders.  Lily had always had a great terrifying fear of spiders, and she found herself in a cave full of webs and spiders.   But Lily managed to charge through the cave, trying to forget the arachnids.   When she ended up falling and having a spider land on her, she realized that the spiders weren't that scary.  Master Guin explained that though she still feared spiders some, it take true courage to be able to face a fear head on.

Upon completing their journey, the Rangers not only gained the power to call forth new Zords, but their new Jungle Master Modes as well.  Though no one was supposed to be allowed to return from the Spirit World, upon learning that our heroes were the chosen three to fight against Dai Shi, Master Rilla, Guin & Lope bent the rules and sent our heroes back to the Human World.

In the battle against Dai Shi's Beast Army, Master Guin, Lope, Rilla & Moa were able to join in the fight.  When Dai Shi opened the door to the Spirit World, it allowed them to come through as well.  Fighting against the Beast Army, all the Masters reached the highest level of their Animal Spirits, morphing them into actual human animal warriors. With this power, they were able to destroy the remains of Dai Shi's Beast Army.  However, Dai Shi then took their spirits, allowing him to regain his true Dragon Form.

But in the end, Casey, Lily & Theo, with the help of Jarrod & Camille, were able to finally destroy Dai Shi for good, and return the animal spirits back to the masters.

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