Jarrod's childhood was tough with his family never really being around for him.  Years later when he was at Pai Zhuq, that loneliness allowed Jarrod to become a mean-spirited bully, even though he possessed the Spirit of the Lion.  After Master Mao kicked Jarrod out of the school was his cruel actions, Jarrod still wanted to fight to prove himself.  Jarrod fought Master Mao in the Forbidden Room, and in the battle, allowed Dai Shi to escape from his containment.

Realizing he was no match against what he had unleashed, Jarrod quickly gathered his belongings and started to run.  But he could not run from Dai Shi.  The evil spirit selected Jarrod as his human host, and used his body to carry out his evil plans.  Dai Shi used Jarrod's Lion Spirit, Powers and Warrior Mode to inflict evil wherever he went.

But finally, Jarrod started to fight back.  The young warrior realized his errors and no longer wanted Dai Shi inside him.  Jarrod was even able to gain control long enough to save Camille from begin destroy by three Phantom Beast Warriors; something Dai Shi would not have done.

Dai Shi was much too powerful and soon regained full control of Jarrod.  But Casey had seen Jarrod save Camille, allowing him to see that Jarrod was still inside trying to fight to get free.  Casey went to the Dai Shi temple and battled Dai Shi.  After he had beaten him, Casey refused to destroy Jarrod, instead saying that if Dai Shi was really in control, then he'll destroy Casey.

When Casey turned his back to wait, Dai Shi started to attack, but Jarrod stopped.  Jarrod was finally able to cast the spirit of Dai Shi out of his body, thanks to the kindness and friendship Casey had shown him.  When Dai Shi started attacked Jarrod, Camille came to help Jarrod, only to end up being attacked too.

Casey saved them both with the power of his Tiger Spirit.  Once they escape from the temple, the Rangers then fought alongside Jarrod & Camille, to take down Scorch & Snapper.

But after the battle with Scorch was over, Jarrod still felt great guilt for all the evil he had done as Dai Shi.  He left and went to the Forbidden Room at the Pai Zhuq school, with Camille following him.  Jarrod believed that his actions were unforgivable, and that he should never use his Lion Spirit again.  But Camille, Casey, Theo & Lily tried to make him realize that it was never too late to start over with a new beginning.

As the Rangers were battling Dai Shi's true Dragon Form, Camille in her Chameleon Warrior form came to help the Rangers.  But she wasn't strong enough to hold off Dai Shi.  Jarrod was though.  Jarrod showed up ready to fight the evil that had taken advantage of him for so long.  Jarrod morphed into his Lion Warrior form, jumped inside of Dai Shi and began attacking him.  This weakened the dark beast long enough for Casey, Lily & Theo to unleash their greatest attack, thus destroying Dai Shi for good.

With the battle over, Jarrod returned to Pai Zhuq, with Camille, and enrolled in a Beginners course, taught by the new Master Teacher Casey.

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