Master Mao was the Sensei and Master of the Pai Zhuq, “Order of the Claw.”  He had chosen Casey, Theo & Lily to be the guardians over the chest containing the spirit of Dai Shi.  However, when the enraged Jarrod attacked him with his Black Lion Spirit, Dai Shi escaped from his prison and destroyed Mao.

Mao ordered his three students to go to Ocean Bluff and find their new Master.  But while RJ is now the team's master, Mao still watches over them in his spiritual form.

After the Rangers were defeated & RJ had been captured by Dai Shi, the heroes went back to the Forbidden Room at the Pai Zhuq school.  There Master Mao came to them, and after some pleading, opened the door to the Spirit World form them, so that they could find the other three great Pai Zhuq Masters.

Later, Master Mao confronted Jarrod / Dai Shi.  He tried to get Jarrod to realize that he was still good and for him & the Black Lion Spirit to break free from Dai Shi's power.

When Casey was on his way to save Jarrod and free him from Dai Shi, Master Moa appeared and tried to talk Casey out of it.  He told his former student that Jarrod was gone and there was no hope for him.  But Casey refused to believe that and continued on.  Thankfully, Casey turned out to be right.

In the battle against Dai Shi's Beast Army, Master Mao and all the other Masters reached the highest level of their Animal Spirits, morphing them into actual human animal warriors. With this power, they were able to destroy the remains of Dai Shi's Beast Army.  However, Dai Shi then took their spirits, allowing him to regain his true Dragon Form.

But in the end, Casey, Lily & Theo, with the help of Jarrod & Camille, were able to finally destroy Dai Shi for good, and return the animal spirits back to the masters.

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