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01.  Welcome To The Jungle Part I
Premiered On February 18, 2008
     After the escape of Dai Shi and the destruction of Master Mao, Casey, Theo & Lily must set out to Ocean Bluff to find their new master & become Jungle Fury Power Rangers.

02.  Welcome To The Jungle Part II
Premiered On February 18, 2008
     Now that they are Power Rangers, the young heroes must learn to master their weapons and their abilities to work together, in order to summon their Zords & form the Jungle Pride Megazord.

03.  Sigh Of The Tiger
Premiered On February 25, 2008
     After Camille creates Buffalord, Casey realizes he's not up to the same level as Theo & Lily.  He asks RJ to train him, so that he can improve, but RJ's training techniques seem questionable to Casey.

04.  A Taste Of Poison
Premiered On March 3, 2008
     When Camille & Dai Shi unleash the Five Poisons on the Rangers, it spells trouble for the team.  And after Casey loses his battle with Dai Shi, Lily steps up to take on Rantipede herself.

05.  Can't Win Them All
Premiered On March 10, 2008
     Theo loses his confidence after being beaten by Gakko in battle.  No longer able to believe in himself, Theo distances himself from the team, leaving Casey & Lily to fight on their own.

06.  Dance The Night Away
Premiered On March 17, 2008
     When Casey is brought into Lily & Theo's traditional monthly luncheon, Theo is not too pleased.  The team starts to lose it's hold, meanwhile Stingerella and Toady unleash their evil on the city.

07.  Pizza Slice Of Life
Premiered On March 24, 2008
     RJ leaves town and puts Casey in charge of JKP, but instead of taking the lead, Casey makes everyone the boss.  Meanwhile, Camille has to deal with the traitor Naja.

08.  Way Of The Master
Premiered Online on March 25, 2008
Premiered On March 31, 2008
     The Rangers must seek out the Jungle Mace in order to defeat Pangolin.

09.  Good Karma Bad Karma
Premiered Online on April 15, 2008
Premiered On April 21, 2008
     Casey teaches Josh that the right way, is not always the easy way.  Meanwhile, Dai Shi releases Carnisoar, the Sky Overlord.  

10.  Blind Leading the Blind
Premiered Online on April 22, 2008
Premiered On April 27, 2008
    Theo learns the techniques of the Bat, to help him fully focus his energy.

11.  Pushed to the Edge
Premiering On May 5, 2008
     After being scorned by Carnisoar, and some advice some Lily, Camille decides to revive the Sea Overlord.  

12.  One Master Too Many
Premiered On May 12, 2008
     When Master Finn, RJ's father, shows up to train Casey, it puts a strain on RJ.  Master Finn not only ends up teaching Casey, but learning that different paths are okay for other people.

13.  Ghost of a Chance Part I
Premiered Online on May 14, 2008
Premiered On May 19, 2008
     When the Rangers become overconfident, it cause them to loose to Dai Shi.  Before they are destroyed, RJ jumps in and offers himself in exchange for the Ranger's saftey.

14.  Ghost of a Chance Part II
Premiered On May 19, 2008
     Needing to find a way to save RJ, our heroes have made their way to the Spirit World.  There they meet Master Rilla, Guin & Lope.  Only by conquering their deepest fears can the Rangers past the test and gain new powers & Zords.

15.  Bad to the Bone
Premiered On June 2, 2008
     After being hit by one of Porcupongo's quills, Lily's mean side begins to come out.  Meanwhile, RJ begins to suffer the side effects of his battle with Dai Shi.

16.  Friends Don't Fade Away
Premiered On June 16, 2008
     RJ continues to get worse with his wild Animal Spirit.  But instead of turning to his friends, he runs away from them.  Meanwhile Grizzaka takes over command at the Temple of Dai Shi.

17.  No 'I' in Leader
Premiered On June 23, 2008
     With RJ joining the team, Casey now doubts his role as leader of the group.  Meanwhile, Master Mao tries to get through to Jarrod and convince him to break free from Dai Shi.

18.  True Friends, True Spirits
Premiered Online on June 25, 2008
Premiered On June 30, 2008
     Grizzaka sends an Evil Spirit to attack the Wolf Ranger, causing his Wolf Spirit to go wild again.  But after RJ saves Flit, the fly befriends the Wolf Master & the Rangers.

19.  Path of the Rhino
Premiered On July 7, 2008
     Dominic arrives in Ocean Bluff, but when he tries to fit with the rest of the crew of Jungle Karma Pizza, he ends up being cast out.  But Dominic's heart remains true and after seeing RJ and the others fight Crocovile, the Rhino Warrior joins the team as the Rhino Ranger.

20.  Dash for the Dagger
Premiered On July 14, 2008
     After remembering Master Mao giving him a Control Dagger, Dominic races to retrieve it.  But Camille is also out for the Dagger, in order to help Dai Shi enter the Rhino Nexus.

21.  Race to the Nexus
Premiered On July 21, 2008
     The forces of good and evil are both on their way to the Rhino Nexus.  Daishi want the power for himself, the Rhino Power is Dominic's destiny, and the Overlords are out to destroy them all.

22.  Arise the Crystal Eyes
Premiered On July 28, 2008
     The stars are falling into the perfect alignment to bring back the Phantom Beasts, but with only three Crystal Eyes found, the battle is on to gain the five remaining eyes.

23.  Fear and the Phantoms
Premiered On August 4, 2008
     When the Phantom Beast Generals are revived, they bring with them a whole new army of monsters, and swear allegiance to Dai Shi.  But to prove themselves, they capture the three Masters.  The Rangers are up against a new & greater evil, not to mention Evil Power Rangers.

24.  Blue Ranger, Twin Danger
Premiered Online on August 5, 2008
Premiered On August 11, 2008
     The Rangers are up against their own Masters in Spirit Ranger form.  While having to deal with that, Theo also has to deal with his twin brother Lewin.  Plus Dynamir is sent to capture the Rangers in his boomerang mirrors.

25.  One Last Second Chance
Premiered On August 18, 2008
     When the Rangers use the Claw Cannon to destroy the Shark Ranger, RJ begins questioning himself.  But with some help from Flit, RJ discovers his father isn't gone.  The Wolf Ranger & his father must now save the other Masters while the Rangers battle Unidoom.

26.  Don't Blow That Dough
Premiered Online on September 23, 2008
Premiering On September 29, 2008
     Casey, Theo, Lily & Dominic get sucked into a gameshow, where they're up against some old monsters.  If they can't remember events from their Ranger lives, then they're cancelled.

27.  Tigers Fall, Lions Rise
Premiered Online on September 30, 2008
Premiering On October 6, 2008
     When Whiger steals Casey's Tiger Spirit, Casey must learn that he is what makes his spirit stronger.  But with Dai Shi becoming the Phantom Beast King, it'll take all the Rangers to fight the growing evil army.

28.  The Spirit of Kindness
Premiered On October 13, 2008
     For failing to destroy Casey, Whiger's Rinzin power is taken away & he is banished by Dai Shi.  When the former General tries to win his honor back against Casey, he loses the fight, but gains a friend in the Red Ranger.

29.  Maryl and the Monkeys
Premiered Online on October 14, 2008
Premiered On October 20, 2008
     When Camille steals a cloning formula & uses it on Grinder, Dominic has to find out how to stop the clones from the formula's creator.

30.  To Earn Your Stripes
Premiered On October 27, 2008
     Theo & Lily pass their Masters Tests, but Casey fails his, leaving him questioning himself.  Meanwhile, Jarrod is finally beginning to try and break free of Dai Shi's evil control.

31.  Path of the Righteous
Premiered On November 3, 2008
     Casey takes his destiny into his own hands when he goes to free Jarrod from Dai Shi.  But there's more evil to fight when General Scorch & Snapper still around.

32.  Now the Final Fury
Premiered On November 3, 2008
     Dai Shi unleashes his ultimate Beast Army.  But even if the Rangers can take care of them, they still must deal with the true Dragon Form of Dai Shi.

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