Site Updates

  • 12-25-08:
    --Added Rhino Blade to Toy Reviews

    --I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy Holidays.

  • 12-14-08:
    --Linear Ranger's Power Rangers Jungle Fury Site has now reached the Archive Status.  All main updates concerning Power Rangers will now be uploaded to Linear Rangers Power Rangers RPM Site.

    I will have one final update to make to this site.  It will be online on either Christmas Day or the day after Christmas.  The update will be the review of the Rhino Blade Toy.  I am getting this item as a Christmas Gift, so I will be placing it's review online shortly after opening it.

    Thanks again to all the loyal site viewers for a great year with this Jungle Fury site.  Be sure and keep checking the RPM site for all your Power Rangers RPM needs.

  • 12-09-08:
    --Added 1,000,000+ Hits Picture to Main Page.  Thank you again to each and every site viewer out there that enjoyed visiting this site this year.

    --Updated Broadcast Schedule

    --Added Linear Ranger's Jungle Fury DVD Review to the Jungle Fury DVDs Section of the DVDs Merchandise Page

    --Be sure the pick up the Jungle Fury DVDs "Into the Jungle" & "Way of the Master" on December 16th.

    --Please, before e-mailing me, read the FAQ's page.


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