Ranger:  Jungle Fury Shark Spirit Ranger
Jungle Spirit:  Shark
Morpher:  None
Weapons:  Shark Sabers
Vehicles:  None
Zords:  Shark Spirit Zord

After the Phantom Beasts Generals captured the Master Finn and the other Masters, they used the power of Rinzin, along with the Crystal Eyes, to turn the Master's Animal Spirit Energies into the Evil Spirit Rangers.  Each Master was connected to his Spirit Ranger, and moved as the Master moves.  Master Finn managed to contact RJ and told him to take the risk.  That risk was to repower the Claw Cannon with Elephant, Bat & Shark Energies, so that when fired, it would destroy the Spirit Ranger.

Though the Shark Spirit Ranger was the only one this was done on, it transferred Master Finn into a Crystal Eye.  Luckily Flit saved the eye from being thrown into the sea, and took it to RJ.  RJ managed to figure out how to bring his father back, and then together, they rescued the other two Masters.

Once the Masters were free from the Rinzin Power & the Crystal Eyes, they were able to then use the Spirit Rangers for good.  The Red Ranger can summon the Shark Spirit Ranger in Battle.  The Shark Spirit comes forth and is then Morphed into the Spirit Ranger.  While the Spirit Ranger is not Master Finn, it still has the voice of Master Finn.

He is able to use his Shark Sabers & shark attacks to take down the evil forces of Dai Shi.

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