Name:  Lily Chilman
Ranger:  Yellow Ranger
Master Rank:  Cheetah Master
Age:  18
Jungle Spirit:  Yellow Cheetah
Morpher:  Solar Morpher
Weapons:  Tiger Battle Claws, Jungle Bo, Jungle Mace, Jungle Master Mode & Claw Booster
Vehicles:  Unknown
Zords:  Yellow Cheetah, Elephant & Penguin Spirit Zords
Hobbies:  Unknown

Lily was long time student at Pai Zhuq, and after succeeding in her final test, had been chosen to help guard the spirit of Dai Shi, along with Casey & Theo.

After Dai Shi escaped, and Master Mao was destroyed, Casey, Theo & Lily went to Ocean Bluff to find their new master, RJ.  Now with the powers of the Yellow Ranger at her command, Lily needs to learn that sometimes things need to be taken a bit more seriously.  While she is a greatly skilled fighter, Lily can sometimes not comprehend the full severity of a situation.

Once Lily mastered the Elephant Technique from Master Phant, and the others had Mastered their new techniques, the Rangers all thought they were unbeatable.  However, Dai Shi had been training with masters as well.  When they battled against the new more powerful Dai Shi, the Rangers lost, and would have been destroyed had RJ not intervened and gave himself.

The Rangers realized that their over confidence had been their downfall, but they didn't let that get them down.  The team journeyed to the Spirit World, with the help of Master Mao.  Once there, they met their new Masters.  Master Guin sent Lily on her journey to conquer her fear of spiders.  Upon completing her journey, Lily not only gained the power to summon the Penguin Zord, but she also gained the power to morph into her Jungle Master Mode.

After much of the year had passed, the time finally came to Casey, Theo & Lily to go through their Pai Zhuq Masters Test.  For her test, Lily had to battle against Master Phant.  To two combatants squared off and fought hard.  But in the end, Lily won the fight and earned her title of Pai Zhuq Cheetah Master.

In the final battle against Dai Shi, it took help from Camille & Jarrod to help weaken Dai Shi.  But only the chosen three could destroy Dai Shi.  Together Casey, Theo & Lily reached a level of power no one had ever achieved before.  This powerful attack was able to destroy Dai Shi for good.

After the battle was over and won, both Lily & Theo remained at Jungle Karma Pizza working, alongside RJ & Flit.  Theo finally managed the courage to ask Lily out on a date, and she said yes.

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