It was decided by Carnisoar & Jellica, that in order to gain more power, they would have to revive the Land Overlord Grizzaka.  Grizzaka is the most evil and ruthless of all the overlords, and holds a grudge against Dai Shi, blaming him for their lose in the Beast War.

After Camille revived Grizzaka, the overlord returned to the temple and swore his loyalty to Dai Shi.  However, after seeing that Dai Shi had taken over a human as a host, Grizzaka refused to take orders from him.  He fought Dai Shi and beat him using the power of Zocato.  

Showing that he was stronger & more powerful, Grizzaka took over command of the temple.  He ordered Carnisoar to find the Crystal Eyes, so that the Phantom Beasts could be revived.  Carnisoar succeeded in finding three of  eight eyes, and was preparing to revive them.  However, when everyone had to race to the Rhino Nexus, Carnisoar was engaged in battle.  He was defeated and destroyed by the Rhino Ranger's Rhino Pride Megazord.

When Dai Shi returned to the temple, he was able to regain power, thanks to his new Zocato Powers.  But Grizzaka and Jellica weren't done yet, they still had three of the Crystal Eyes and were bound to get the other five.  

When Grizzaka went to the city to attack, gather fear and become more powerful, the Rangers tried to stop him.  Only by combining their fire power were the Rangers able to stop Grizzaka, for a short time.  When the Land Overlord grew, the Rangers went to their Zords, and with the Jungle Master Stampede Formation, they destroyed Grizzaka.


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