During the Beast Wars 10,000 years ago, the Phantoms were the badest beasts around.  One by one the Masters destroyed all eight of them, saving the human race.  When each beast was destroyed, a Crystal Eye was left in the ashes.  Only when the stars are in a very rare alignment, will they shine through the eyes & bring the Phantom Beasts back to life.  

Carnisoar was successful in getting three of the eight eyes before he was destroyed.  However, an archeologist named Sylvia Jennings found the other five. When Casey tried to ask for the eyes from her, she refused.  This led to Camille being able to steal the eyes.  Luckily the Red Ranger was able to get the five eyes back from Dai Shi & Camille.  Dr. Jennings decided that it was best for Casey to watch over the eyes until the danger had passed.

While the Rangers have five of the Crystal Eyes, the other three remained in the hands of Jellica, who used them to revive those Phantom Beasts to do her bidding.  However, after the beasts were revived, they destroyed her and vowed allegiance to Dai Shi.

The Crystal Eyes were then used, with the power of Rinzin, to create the evil Spirit Rangers from the Master's Spirit Energy.  After RJ repowered the Claw Cannon to fire with Elephant, Bat & Shark energy, it was fired on the Shark Ranger.  This then caused Master Finn to be trapped inside a Crystal Eye.  Luckily Flit was able to save the eye before it was trapped at the bottom of the sea.

Flit gave the eye to RJ.  RJ was then able to use the starlight his father had capture many nights before, and free his father.  Together they were able to rescue the other masters, and get the other two Crystal Eyes.

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