Tiger Battle Claws

Owners:  Jungle Fury Rangers
Purpose:  Defense Weapon
Call Command:  Unknown
Used As:  Battle Gauntlets

These Battle Claws are worn by the Rangers at all times.  They allow the Jungle Fury Rangers to unleash a variety of attacks, such as the Call to the Beast Inside attacks.  The Claws can also summon their Weapons & Zords. 

Call to the Beast Inside Attacks

Owners:  Jungle Fury Rangers
Purpose:  Spirit Attacks
Call Command:  Call to the Beast Inside
Used As:  Attacks

When the Rangers channel their Animal Spirits, they can call them forth to attack the Rinshi. 


Owners:  Jungle Fury Red Ranger
Purpose:  Defense Weapon
Call Command:  Junglechucks
Used As:  Nun-Chucks

The Junglechucks are the Red Rangers primary weapon.  After some training from Theo, Casey was able to master the chucks.  With these Junglechucks, the Red Ranger can attack the Rinshi, as well as hold off their attacks.  By channeling his Animal Spirit, the Red Ranger can unleash a devastating attacking with the Jungle Chucks. 

Jungle Tonfa

Owners:  Jungle Fury Blue Ranger
Purpose:  Defense Weapon
Call Command:  Jungle Tonfa
Used As:  Tonfas

By his second year, Theo had mastered the Tonfa, so it was easy for him to take on the Jungle Tonfa as his primary Ranger weapon.  These weapons can hold off enemy attacks, while also dishing out powerful electric attacks. 

Jungle Bo

Owners:  Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger
Purpose:  Defense Weapon
Call Command:  Jungle Bo
Used As:  Battle Staff

With Lily being a pro with the Bo, it was easy for her to take the Jungle Bo as her Primary Ranger weapon.  The Jungle Bo can hold the Rinshi off at long distances, as well as throw out some powerful shock attacks. 

Claw Cannon

Owners:  Jungle Fury Power Rangers
Purpose:  Blast Weapon
Call Command:  Unknown
Used As:  Blast Cannon

The Claw Cannon was made by RJ to be the Ranger's team weapon.  Each Ranger holds part of the cannon, thus transferring part of their Animal Spirit into it.  The Yellow & Blue Rangers hold the Cannon, while the Red Ranger fires it.  When the cannon is fired, it shoots out a powerful blast of energy, capable of destroying any evil in its path.

The Rangers can also use the Claw Cannon with their Jungle Master Modes, to fire out even more powerful blasts of Animal Spirit Energy.

Jungle Mace

Owners:  Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger
Purpose:  Defense Weapon
Call Command:  Jungle Mace
Used As:  Battle Mace

The Jungle Mace is a legendary weapon said to be able to break through steel.  After Lily helped Master Phant see that he was still needed, he taught her how to use the Jungle Mace.  This powerful weapon can tangle up evil with the long chain.  But to take out evil, the Yellow Ranger can launch the mace at monsters,  and break right through them.

Jungle Fan

Owners:  Jungle Fury Blue Ranger
Purpose:  Defense Weapon
Call Command:  Jungle Fan
Used As:  Shield & Attack Blade

After Theo learned to balance & levitate himself, thanks to Master Swoop, he gained the ability to use the Jungle Fan in battle.  This great weapon has two main uses.  First, the Blue Ranger can use the fan to block and deflect attacks.  But by swinging the tip of the fan out and toward an enemy, the Blue Ranger can attack with the Jungle Fan like a blade.  Plus, the Blue Ranger can also summon a second Jungle Fan when needed.

Shark Sabers

Owners:  Jungle Fury Red Ranger
Purpose:  Defense Weapon
Call Command:  Shark Sabers
Used As:  Swords

Upon learning the Shark Technique from Master Finn, the Red Ranger gained the ability to use the Shark Sabers.  These two mighty swords are capable of dealing out a great deal of damage to any villain.  But the Red Ranger can also combine the sabers into one long sword.  In this mode, the Red Ranger can use the sabers to unleash a devastating series of slash attacks.

Control Dagger

Owners:  Rhino Ranger
Purpose:  Key to the Rhino Nexus & Command the Rhino Zord
Call Command:  Unknown
Used As:  Dagger & Zord Commander

Six years ago, before Dominic left on his quest, Master Mao gave him the Control Dagger.  He told him it would one day help him on his path to his destiny.

After remembering this event in a dream, Dominic told the others about it.  RJ explained that the dagger was the key to the Rhino Nexus, and only with the Control Dagger can one unlock the Rhino Powers.  Dominic then set out to get the dagger back from where he had hidden it, along with Theo.

Dom had placed the blade behind the seat at a dinner, knowing that no one would ever put their hands back in such a nasty place.  But Theo was not too pleased with Dominic's irresponsibility and took the dagger from him, say he would be in charge of it.  But that didn't go too well either, as Theo lost it in with some ladies laundry.

After the two managed to find the Control Dagger, Dominic went to take it to the loft.  But on the way he fell into one of Camille's traps and then had to fight her off to protect the Control Dagger.  She almost had it when the other Rangers showed up and kept her from it.  But when the Rhino Ranger got too cocky, Camille used her tongue to grab the dagger and escape.

When she returned to the temple, Camille presented it to Dai Shi, who planed to use it to enter the Rhino Nexus and become even more powerful, and reclaim command.  However, when Dai Shi finally managed to try and unlock the Rhino Powers, his evil was rejected and Dominic was finally able to reclaim the Dagger and unleash the Rhino Steel Zord.

With the Control Dagger, the Rhino Ranger is able to summon & control the Rhino Steel Zord /Rhino Pride Megazord.

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