Jungle Master Mode

Owners:  Jungle Fury Rangers
Purpose:  Upgraded Suits & Weapons
Call Command:  Jungle Master Mode!
Used As:  Battle Suits

After the Rangers completed their journeys in the Spirit World, they gained new powers thanks to Masters Rilla, Lope & Guin.  This new power is called Jungle Master Mode.  To activate this mode, the Ranger calls out, "Jungle Master Mode!".  The Claw Booster then appears in their right hand, and once the claw is activated, the Ranger's suit is morphed into the Jungle Master Mode.

In this mode the Rangers gain access to their Claw Booster, allowing them to dish out new claw attacks.  Plus, the new suits are equipped with propulsion jets that send the Rangers across the battle field, and toward and enemy at great speed.

Claw Booster

Owners:  Jungle Master Rangers
Purpose:  Attack Claw
Call Command:  Claw Booster
Used As:  Claws

When the Rangers morph to their Jungle Master Modes, this claw is part of the Morphing Process.  Once the claw appears in the Ranger's hands, they activate the claw to start the Jungle Master Morph.  

In battle, the Claw Booster is able to send out ferocious slash attacks, striking down any enemy.

The Red Ranger is also able to combine the Claw Booster with the Rhino Ranger's Rhino Blade, giving more power to the weapon and allowing him to deal out great slash attacks.

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