Solar Morphers

Owners:  Jungle Fury Power Rangers
Purpose:  Morphing Device & Communication
Call Command:  "Jungle Beast!  Spirit Unleashed!"
Activate By:  Press Button & Morph Call

The Solar Morphers were developed by RJ.  Thanks to his connections, RJ was able to get the Morphers connected to the Morphin Grid.  

The Solar Morphers are used by the Red, Blue and Yellow Rangers.  The morpher also serves as a communication device for the Rangers, as well as scanners. 

To activate the Morphing Sequence, the Rangers place the Morphers on their heads, press the activation button and call out, "Jungle Beast!  Spirit Unleashed!" and they are then Morphed into the Jungle Fury Power Rangers.

Wolf Morpher

Owners:  Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger
Purpose:  Morphing Device, Communication, and Weapon
Call Command:  "Jungle Beast!  Spirit Unleashed!"
Activate By:  Open, Morphing Call, and Ring Bell

It appears that the Solar Morphers weren't the only Morphers RJ created and had taped into the Morphing Grid.  This Wolf Morpher had been stored in his cabinet for a while, but he never brought it out. 

With RJ now serving as the Wolf Ranger, the Wolf Morpher allows him to Morph into his Ranger form.  But this Morpher is more than that, it also serves as the Wolf Rangers Weapon.  This Morpher can fire out powerful Wolf Beam blasts, as well as slash blasts at any monster.

Rhino Morpher

Owners:  Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger
Purpose:  Morphing Device and Weapon
Call Command:  "Jungle Beast!  Spirit Unleashed!"
Activate By:  Summon via Bracelet, Press Button and Morphing Call

Upon Dominic's arrival, RJ began working on the Rhino Morpher.  Once completed, RJ gave Dominic a Pai Zhuq Bracelet, that allows him to summon the Rhino Morpher.  

Once Morpher into the Rhino Ranger, the Morpher also serves as the Ranger's primary weapon.  It is used like an iron hand in battle and can fire out a barrage of laser fire called Stampede Attack.  For more power, the Rhino Ranger can activate the Rhino Blade.  The blade swings to the front of the Morpher and allows the Rhino Ranger to fight with this sword in battle.  To finish off a monster, the Rhino Ranger can use the Rhino Blade Super Slash Attack.

The other Rangers are able to combine their Claw Booster weapons with the Rhino Blade.  This addition increases the power of the Rhino Blade, and allows the Rangers to unleash even more devastating attacks on enemies.

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