Rhino Steel Zord

Owners:  Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger
Powers:  Great Strength
Main Megazord:  Rhino Pride Megazord
Megazord Piece:  Entire Megazord

After reaching the Rhino Nexus, and Dai Shi failing to unlock the Rhino Power, Dominic was able to place the Control Dagger into the stone & release the powerful Rhino Steel Zord.  

This Zord is controlled by the Control Dagger of the Rhino Ranger.  It can attack with it's massive bladed horn, as well as morph into the Rhino Pride Megazord.

Rhino Pride Megazord

Owners:  Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger
Powers:  Strength
Components:  Rhino Steel Zord
Weapons:  Rhino Blade & Shield

When the Rhino Ranger morphs his Rhino Steel Zord to Warrior Mode, the Rhino Pride Megazord is formed.  This massive Megazord is a powerhouse of armor and strength.  The helmet of the Megazord can cover the head, in case of a barrage of attacks.  The Megazord's Blade & Shield are heavy weapons, capable of crushing evil.

The Rhino Warrior can freeze a monster with it's Super Freeze Attack.  To finish off a monster, the Rhino Pride Megazord can unleash the Rhino Steel Blade Attack.  This attack slashes three times, in a special formation, and destroys the enemy.

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