"Welcome to the Jungle Part I"

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At the Pai Zhuq School, six students are finalists in some event, but only three are needed.  What this challenge is for is not yet known. Students Theo & Lily win their matches by fighting clean & fairly, as well as using their Animal Spirits.
However, after Jarrod has beaten his opponent, he still uses his Animal Spirit to show his strength.  Nonetheless, Theo, Lily & Jarrod are chosen. However, after Jarrod begins to pick on a Cub Student, another Cub, named Casey, stands up for him and unleashes his Tiger Roar, putting Jarrod in his place.
Later, Master Mao calls for Theo, Lily & Casey asks to follow Master Mao. Master Mao leads them down to the Forbidden Room.  He explains that Jarrod has been dismissed & that Casey will be taking his place.
Mao tells them of Dai Shi & the Order of the Claw.  He explains that it will be their responsibility to guard the box and fight the Dai Shi, should it ever escape. Jarrod then storms in, furious over his dismissal and attacks Master Mao.  Mao is able to easily beat Jarrod and orders him to leave.
But before Jarrod leaves, he unleashes his Black Lion Animal Spirit on Master Mao, causing him to drop the box. Dai Shi is free and he takes his revenge out on Master Mao.  Meanwhile, Jarrod has fled the room, leaving Casey, Theo & Lily to witness the destruction of their Master.
Mao's time on this world has ended, but before he leaves, he instructs his students to go to an address in Ocean Bluff where they'll find their new master. Meanwhile, as Jarrod is making his way through the forest, Dai Shi's spirit catches up with him.
The three teens arrive at the Jungle Karma Pizza Parlor in Ocean Bluff, the address they were told to go to.  But how are they to find their new master here. After failing to find their new master, the teens are greeted by RJ, the parlor's owner.  Theo is ready to move on and continue the search, but Casey & Lily convince him to stay so they can eat.
In his Dark Palace, Dai Shi summons forth his Rinshi, his Army of Fear. Dai Shi gives one Rinshi the power of the Mantis.  He orders him to take the Rinshi to Ocean Bluff and attack the city.
Camille, Dai Shi's loyal warrior, returns and stays behind to discuss things with Dai Shi. Back at Jungle Karma Pizza, RJ offers the three jobs at the parlor, this way they can stay there to wait for their master.  But Theo isn't into the idea, before they can decide, they hear attacks outside.
The three arrive in the city and try to fight off the Rinshi & Mantor, but the mantis is too strong. Luckily, RJ shows up and reveals himself to be the teens new Master.  He takes out the Rinshi and Mantor his his mad skills.
With Mantor's failure, Dai Shi orders Camille to return to the city with the mantis & the Rinshi. When the group returns to the parlor, RJ introduces them to Fran, the parlor's best customer.  Once she leaves, it's time to the matters at hand.
RJ takes them upstairs to show them their Living/Train Quarters.  He also gives them their new uniforms, and their Solar Morphers for them to become Power Rangers.  Now they're ready to fight evil. The three arrive in the city to find Camille & the Rinshi attacking.  Lily & Theo Morph and get ready to fight.
Casey tries morphing, but he can't.  (He didn't do the complete Morphing Call). The Yellow Ranger takes on a group of Rinshi. 
To finish off the group, she unleashes the Cheetah.  The Blue Ranger uses his Jaguar to take care of more Rinshi.
Casey, still unable to morph, finds Fran being attacked by Mantor. But before Casey can jump into rescue Fran, Rinshi get a hold of him.

Linear Ranger's Thoughts

OH YES!  It's great to be back.  This was an excellent first part to start off the new season.  For the first time in a while, it feels like a lot of the core Power Ranger elements are back in the show.  The Rangers being students again, the evil being pure, non-comical evil.  Plus, I love the dramatics of Master Mao being destroyed so early.  The explanation for how the Solar Morphers were connected to the Morphin Grid was a nice touch.  Dai Shi & his Rinshi army with Camille is very cool.  I have to say EXCELLENT job on the set designers with the Pizza Parlor & the Loft Base, those look great.  Again, a great setup for part one.  

Linear's Rating:

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