"Welcome to the Jungle Part II"

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Casey manages to free himself and then Morphs into the Red Ranger. Red Ranger saves Fran, and then turns his attention to Mantor.
The Red Ranger uses his Tiger Beast to take down Mantor. The new Ranger regroup to celebrate their victory.
But the victory is short lived when Mantor returns and grows giant size. Master Mao, in Spirit Form, returns and takes care of the giant Mantor.
Mao tells them that while his physical body is gone, he'll still be watching over them.  He also explains that their new master must teach them how to fight the Rinshi Beasts when they become giant size. The three return to the loft and tell RJ about everything.  He explains that they aren't ready for the giant battle technique.
Camille is ready to destroy Mantor, until he tells her that his next plan is to destroy the dam and flood Ocean Bluff. RJ explains that once they master their assigned weapons, then they'll be ready for the giant technique.
One problem.  While Theo is a master of the Tonfa & Lily the Bo, Casey has no clue in using the Nunchuku. Theo doesn't believe that just because Casey is a "Cub" that he should be the one holding the rest back from their training.  But RJ explains how a team has to have balance and be equal if they are to succeed.
Meanwhile, Camille has infused Mantor with more power than he had before. RJ asks Fran why she's always alone.  She explains that her books are her friends and her parents are just always too busy.
Theo is frustrated that Casey is a master at pizza making, but all thumbs with his weapon.  Lily reminds Theo that in order to become good with a weapon, someone has to train them. Theo takes Lily words to heart and takes Casey with him to go train with the Nunchuku.  Leaving RJ shorthanded and hiring Fran to help out.
Thanks to some heavy training from Theo, Casey finally masters his weapon. Mantor attacks the city dam, causing it to break and sending the water into the city.
RJ tells Theo & Casey (via their Solar Morphers) to meet up with Lily in the city. Once in the city, the teens find it flooded and a giant Mantor ready for destruction.
And to top things off, Camille and the Rinshi are there waiting for the Rangers. The three morph and battle the Rinshi.
The Blue & Yellow Rangers take down the army with their weapons. And the Red Ranger makes quick work of the Rinshi with his Junglechucks.
With the Rinshi beaten, all that remains is giant Mantor.  RJ tells them that now that they are balanced, they're ready for the next level, and they know how to get fight Mantor.  The Rangers call out their Beast Spirits. The Beast Spirits morph into Zords and combine to form the Jungle Pride Megazord. 
Flit makes his debut.  He gives Megazord Battle play-by-play commentary, to the displeasure of Camille.  Finally, to finish Mantor off, the Rangers use the Savage Spin.
Back at Jungle Karma Pizza, now Casey is teaching Theo how to make a perfect pizza. Meanwhile, Dai Shi is ready to unleash his fury.

Linear Ranger's Thoughts

Oh yeah, excellent indeed.  Great way to cap off the start of a new season.  Again, great characters all around.  RJ makes a perfect Zen, laid back style master.  Holly Shanahan as Camille is simply excellent, I love her in this role.  And we get Kelson Henderson back as the voice of Flit.  Now while I love Kelson, that fly may end up getting on my nerves.  Perhaps Bruce, Jackie & Koichi could have it that Flit gets squished in the finale by the Rhino Zord?  Great scenes with Theo training Casey.  The ending scene with Jarrod/Dai Shi was a best way to top off the episode.  Again, great starter for what I hope to be, a great season.

Linear's Rating:

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