"Ghost of a Chance Part II"

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Camille goes to get RJ.  It's time for the fight. After introductions, the Rangers are told that they must prove themselves before they can be rewarded.  They must be tested with their fears.
Master Guin sends Lily is up to a cave full of webs and her worst fear, spiders. Theo is then sent on his journey by Master Lope.  He is in front of a crowd and must sing karaoke.
Back at Dai Shi's temple, the battle is about to begin.  But RJ refuses to fight. Finally, Casey is sent back to his childhood bedroom, where his fear of monsters in the closet return to him.
Lily tries to find another way out of the cave, but with only one way out, her fear of spiders is getting the better of her. Theo is faring much better either.
The closet creatures are becoming too much for Casey to handle. The battle rages on between Dai Shi & RJ.  But the Wolf Master still will not fight or use his Wolf Spirit.
Dai Shi then uses his power to attack not only RJ, but his Wolf Spirit as well. With RJ beaten, he'll now be used as bait to lure the Rangers out for their final battle.
Lily manages to muster up the courage to face her fear, and while she remains scared of spiders, she now has the power to face her fears head on. Theo faces his fear of humiliation and sings in front of the large crowd.
Casey opens his closet to find not monsters, but the way back to the Spirit World. After completing their quests, the Rangers explain that they have to get back to save RJ and stop Dai Shi.  The master then bend the rules and return the three back to the human world, with their Animal Spirits stronger than ever.
Hearing RJ's TV upstairs, Fran goes up to shut it off, but what she finds is the TV showing her friend at the quarry morph into Power Rangers. The Rangers battle Dai Shi, only to have about the same outcome as before.
But the Red Ranger doesn't give up.  Instead he unlocks his new power and morphs into his Jungle Master Mode. The Blue & Yellow Rangers follow suit, and behold the Jungle Master Rangers!
"Whoa, now that is a major upgrade."
The Jungle Master Blue Ranger takes down the White Shadow Guard. Jungle Master Yellow Ranger finishes the Blue Shadow Guard.
And Jungle Master Red Ranger lays the smackdown on Dai Shi. The Jungle Master Rangers quickly free RJ.  But the battle isn't finished yet, as the Shadow Guards grow.
The Jungle Master Rangers bust out their brand new Zords.  The Gorilla, Antelope & Penguin. With some good old fashion team work, the Blue Shadow Guard is destroyed.
To battle the remaining guard, it's time for the Jungle Master Megazord. And with the Full Fury Attack, the other Shadow Guard is destroyed. 
Everyone returns to the loft, but someone's been eating RJ's chips, watching his TV and sitting in his chair. That someone is Fran, as she says, "Hello Rangers, Power Rangers."

Linear Ranger's Thoughts

An excellent competition of this two parter.  The idea of the Rangers having to face their fears to become stronger is good, since fear can hold you back, and keep you from your true potential.  Master Rilla & Lope were great, but I'm sorry there's just no beating Master Guin.  It's just too cool to see Miss Langston again.  The battle between RJ & Dai Shi, one word EPIC.  I really did not expect to see that kind of a fight.  It should prove interesting to see what exactly Dai Shi did to RJ's wolf Spirit.  The battle scenes with the Jungle Master Mode were very well executed.  Maybe just a tad too much pyro, but easily overlooked.  But the ending with Fran saying Hello, was too cool.  Oh yeah and did I mention how great it was to see Michelle Langston again.

Linear's Rating:

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