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DVD Review
Volume I -- "Into the Jungle" & Volume II -- "Way of the Master"

The first two Power Rangers Jungle Fury DVDs will be released on December 16, 2008, but Linear Ranger has your special Sneak Preview Review here.  So let's get started with some pictures, and then we'll move onto the details.  To view the full version of a picture, just click on it.

Volume I -- "Into the Jungle"
Power Rangers Collectible Trading Cards included with Volume I

Volume II -- "Way of the Master"

Power Rangers Collectible Trading Cards included with Volume II

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Okay, now let's start getting to the details.  First both DVDs have some very nice cover art.  Both discs cover  art is a mixture of drawn art, and real photography.  Though the Red Ranger on Volume 2 does have an error in the section with his visor.  The real pictures from the show being used for the back is a great addition.  The top of the Discs themselves are done in a very nice frosted silver style, featuring the Jungle Fury logo & the name of the disc volume.

As stated before, the episodes on each disc are as follows:

Volume 1 -"Welcome to the Jungle Part I"
Volume 1 -"Welcome to the Jungle Part II"
Volume 1 -"Sigh of the Tiger"
Volume 1 -"A Taste of Poison"
Volume 1 -"Can't Win Them All"
Volume 1 -"Dance the Night Away"

Volume 2 -"Pizza Slice of Life"
Volume 2 -"Way of the Master"
Volume 2 -"Good Karma, Bad Karma"
Volume 2 -"Blind Leading the Blind"
Volume 2 -"Pushed to the Edge"
Volume 2 -"One Master Too Many"

After the normal previews, the DVD starts.  To start, the usual Jungle Fury show intro starts with the Tiger, Jaguar, & Cheetah Zords running through the jungle and come jumping out of the logo.  Then we move to the Pai Zhuq school temple.  From there it switches to the shadow battle scene of the ancient warriors who fought Dai Shi, then a quick scene of Dai Shi, in spirit form, flying at the screen.  Finally, the normal menu appears, with the wall of the Forbidden Room as the background.  While you are making your selection, the Pai Zhuq background music plays.

When you select "Episode Selection", the menu for the individual episodes appears.  For Volume One, you're in the Forbidden Room, with the Red Ranger posing with his Jungle Chucks.  Volume Two, you're still in the Forbidden Room, but this time Lily is standing off to the right next to the episode titles.  The Jungle Fury theme song music, without lyrics, plays in the back while you make your selection.  As you move from one episode to the next, the preview box at the bottom of the screen with change to show a picture from that episode.

When you select "Set Up", you're taken to the Forbidden Room again.  Here you can enable Subtitles, Register your DVD or Return to Episodes.  For Volume One you have the Blue Ranger posed with his Jungle Tonfa off to the side, while Volume Two has Casey Standing to the side.

When you select "Sneak Peeks", you're moved to the usual Buena Vista Home Entertainment Previews area.  For these two discs, you can view the following:

Now let's move onto all the extras & bonuses included with the DVDs.  First, on the front of the wrapper that will cover the discs, you'll get a coupon.  When you purchase BOTH discs, but sure to remove the coupon & have your cashier scan it.  This will deduct $6 off of your total purchase.  The coupon expires on March 31, 2009 and is only good when you purchase both "Into the Jungle" & "Way of the Master".

Moving onto the included inside advertisement & Action Figure offer.  When you buy both "Into the Jungle" & "Way of the Master" you'll get a Disney Movie Rewards Code for each Disc.  You can go to, register, then enter the Magic Codes found inside BOTH Power Rangers Jungle Fury: "Into the Jungle" AND Power Rangers Jungle Fury: "Way of the Master" DVDs to unlock this offer.  By doing this, and paying $1.99 for shipping & processing, you'll then receive the Exclusive Jungle Master Red Ranger Action Figure (seen at the top of the flyer) by mail.

On the other side of the flyer is an advertisement for the Power Rangers Jungle Fury Mega Mission Helmet, as well as the Power Rangers RPM Racing Performance Eagle Cycle.  Both toys should be easy to find at most local Wal-Mart stores.  There's also a separate Disney Blu-ray flyer included with both discs.

The last Exclusive included with the discs are the Power Rangers Collectible Cards.  These cards, that can be played with the Bandai America Power Rangers Collectible Card Game, come with each volume.  All the cards are done in the special Parallel Holo Foil style.  With Volume One, you get the EXCLUSIVE Tiger Ranger (not available anywhere else), as well as the Jaguar & Cheetah Ranger.  All three of these cards have Gold Signature of the Rangers.  In Volume Two, you get the EXCLUSIVE Jungle Pride Megazord card (not available anywhere else), plus the Yellow Cheetah & Blue Jaguar Zord Cards.  All three of these cards have the Gold Official Order of the Claw Seal on them.

So with the collectible cards, $6 off coupon when buying both volumes, offer for a free exclusive Red Ranger figure, and the first 12 Power Rangers Jungle Fury episodes, I think these DVDs are well worth the money, and should make any Power Rangers Jungle Fury fan very happy.

Remember, these DVDs will be in stores on December 16, 2008.

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