Tiger Battle Claws
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Tiger Battle Claws

 Right Wrist - Tiger Battle Claw

Left Wrist - Tiger Battle Claw

Tiger Flames

Tiger Flames on Left Wrist Battle Claw

Tiger Battle Claws

Linear Review
The Jungle Fury Toys just keep on coming.  So here we have the first Weapon for the Jungle Fury line, the Tiger Battle Claws.  These are the wrist worn weapons that the Red, Blue & Yellow Rangers have.

Let's start with some general information on the Tiger Battle Claws.  The set comes with the Two Battle Claws, 4 straps (2 for each claw), and Tiger Flame Attachments for the Left Battle Claw.  The wrist straps are made of black bendable plastic and will fit almost any wrist.  

The Right Wrist Tiger Battle Claw features the sounds.  It takes two AAA Batteries, that are placed in the compartment on the underneath side of the weapon.  Once you turn the On Switch on, you're ready to begin.  As you make fighting motions, the motion sensors activate and cause a punching like sound.  You can also cause the claw to charge up.  Hold your right wrist up straight up and down, then the charging sound will start.  After a few seconds of charging, you can punch your right wrist and activate a different attack sound.

The Left Wrist Tiger Battle Claw is different, in that it has not sound features and is a hallow piece.  The left claw however can have special Tiger Flames attached to it.  The flames do add an extra coolness to this ,otherwise bland, battle claw.

Overall, the Tiger Battle Claws are a pretty good weapon.  Granted in Japan these serve as the Morphers, but here it seems like they will just be weapons.  Though the Battle Claws lack the lights & numerous sounds from their Japanese Counterparts, they are still enjoyable.  I was a tad disappointed that the left claw was hollow and not a whole device.  The wrist bands seem to actually be improved over the Japanese ones.  The Charging Feature in the right claw is nice, even though you can't activate the attack, until it's charged for a few seconds.  So I think the Tiger Battle Claws are good buys for both Kids & Collectors.

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