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Jungle Sound Tiger Ranger



Jungle Sound Jaguar Ranger



Jungle Fury Cheetah Ranger



Jungle Sound Elephant Ranger



Jungle Sound Bat Ranger



Jungle Sound Shark Ranger



Jungle Fury Evil Space Alien
(Dai Shi)



Evil Melle with Flit the Fly




Tiger, Jaguar & Cheetah Rangers Stand Together

Elephant, Bat & Shark Rangers Stand Together

Jungle Fury Rangers Stand Together

Evil Villains Stand Together

Various Weapon Combinations



Linear Review
After waiting & looking, I've finally found the 5 Inch Jungle Sound/Fury Figures.  These are by far the BEST Power Ranger figures Bandai America has released in a very long time.

First I'll cover the Tiger, Jaguar & Cheetah Rangers.  All three Rangers come with their main weapon from the show.  Red has Junglechucks, and Blue & Yellow have their Jungle Batons.  The Rangers also have fully detailed Tiger Battle Claws on their wrists.  Each Ranger also comes with an extra weapon.  Tiger & Jaguar have respective Cannons, while Cheetah has (known in Japan as Robotough) an orange robo-cat cannon.  The Tiger & Jaguar Rangers are the only ones with the Jungle Sound feature.  Tiger has a Tiger Roar and Attack sound, while Jaguar has Jaguar Roar and multiple cut sounds.

Next are the Elephant, Bat & Shark Rangers.  Now while I do not expect to see these Rangers in the show itself, they are still great figures to have.  Each figures has a unique weapon.  Elephant has a shield, Bat has Bat Blades, and Shark as a Sword.  Their Battle Claws have been altered just a bit to help show their different animals.  The Sounds for the Elephant are Elephant Trumpets and punches, Bat has Slashes & an explosion, and Shark has a Water Slash Sound.  

The Evil Space Alien, known as Dai Shi, looks magnificent.  While not having a Jungle Sound, when you press the button on his belt, the Black Lion's Mouth (on his chest) closes.  He comes with a Chameleon & Lion based sword.

The weapons from the Ranger figures can be combined to form various cannon weapons & riding vehicles.

All seven of these figures are perfect.  The male Rangers look strong and powerful, but don't have the over muscular bodies we've grown to know too well.  It's wonderful that the paint detailing on all the figures continues onto the back.  The Cheetah Ranger has a real hard plastic skirt, though it does limit her poseability.  Another nice touch is the fully detailed Battle Claws on the Rangers.  The Rangers have a bit more articulation than figures before.  The point of articulation are the ankels, knees, hips, wrists, elbows, shoulders & neck.  The Jungle Sounds are a nice added extra to the toys.

Overall, the Jungle Sound / Fury Figures are a MUST HAVE for any Power Rangers fan & collector.  I was amazed at the quality and detailing of these toys.  Bandai America has really come through with these figures.  The fact that the male Rangers no longer have oversized muscles is a welcome sight.  All the figures look great on display.  I'm sure any kid or collector will love having these as part of their collection.

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