"Itsy Bitsy Spider"

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At school, Billy & Trini are gathering signatures to keep the Forest Spirit Statue in the park from being demolished. Just to cause mischief, Bulk and Skull release a bunch of bugs on the students in the hall.  A spider gets on Zack's shoulder, which is not go since Zack hates spiders.
That night, Rita sends the Putties with Squat & Baboo to steal the statue so she can use it in her newest evil scheme. Rita makes a duplicate of the statue and has Finster create a Spider Monster to hide inside it.  She also sends down moths with sleeping powder to make the people fall asleep.
While Tommy is at karate practice and Zack is teaching Hip Hop Kido, the others go bug hunting to replace those that Bulk & Skull set loose. Rita sends down the Putties to attack our heroes, but they deal with the clay brains easily enough.
Zack teaches his students some Hip Hop Kido moves.  But Zack has to leave to get some music from his car. Zack returns to find his students asleep.  He contacts Zordon and is informed that the Sleeping Powder Moths of Rita's did it.
Zack then discovers the fake statue.  He morphs and blasts it open with his Power Axe. The Spider Monster is revealed and attacks, along with Goldar.  The other Rangers show up to fight, but get they all get tangled in the Spider's web.
Rita makes the Spider grow and the Rangers try to fight it with the Megazord, but it isn't enough.  Not even the attacks from the Dino Zords can weaken the beast. Green Ranger & Dragonzord then join in the fight.
The Rangers form the Dragonzord in Fighting Mode and use it's Drill Staff to finish off the Spider, retuning all the kids back to normal. With the real statue back in place, the city declares it a historic monument and leaves it alone.  But Zack still isn't quite over his fear or spiders.


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