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2011 Casting Information

August 21, 2010:

Also thanks to RangerSeriesBlack on Rangerboard, we have confirmation that the actor named Felix Ryan will be playing the role of "Skinny Mack"


August 7, 2010:

Thanks to RangerWisdom on Rangerboard, we have confirmation of our Power Rangers Actors & Actress Cast for 2011.

Alex Heartman as Reese the Red Samurai Ranger

Najee-de-Tiege as Baron the Blue Samurai Ranger

Hector David Jr. as Parry the Green Samurai Ranger

Brittany Pirtle as Ava the Yellow Samurai Ranger

Erika Fong as Sadie the Pink Samurai Ranger

Steven Skyler as Wesley the Gold Samurai Ranger

*Special thanks to RangerWisdom for allowing me to use his pictures


July 17, 2010:

Thanks to Rovang on Rangerboard, we have two more Character's Casting Information.  This time though, these characters are not heroes or villains, instead they are comic relief characters, believed to be much in the same tone as Bulk and Skull.

Power Character Descriptions and Notes:

These two characters are similar to Laurel and Hardy or Bulk and Skull, both with over the top slap stick skills. They work as street cleaners and have an entertaining way of picking up trash alongside the streets by dancing their way through the streets with broom in hand. They are the comedic relief and the fun side of each story. They are constantly getting themselves in difficult but comedic situations.

Casting Call & Character Descriptions:

[Skinny Mack, 18 -23 year old all ethnicity male. ]

He has a slim, lanky build with great comedic abilities. He is someone that you look at and he makes you laugh. Skinny Mack and his sidekick, Big Jack work as street cleaners and have an entertaining way of picking up trash alongside the streets by dancing their way through the streets with broom in hand. They are the comedic relief and the fun side of each story. They are constantly getting themselves in difficult but comedic situations. These two characters are similar to Laurel and Hardy or Bulk and Skull, both with over the top slap stick skills. Dance, street dancing or hip hop abilities are a big plus.

[Big Jack, 18 -23 year old all ethnicity male. ]

He is on the heavier side with great comedic abilities. He is also some who you look at and he can make you laugh. Dance or hip hop abilities are a big plus. Big Jack and his sidekick, Skinny Mack work as street cleaners and have an entertaining way of picking up trash alongside the streets by dancing their way through the streets with broom in hand. They are the comedic relief and the fun side of each story. They are constantly getting themselves in difficult but comedic situations. These two characters are similar to Laurel and Hardy or Bulk and Skull, both with over the top slap stick skills. Dance, street dancing or hip hop abilities are a big plus.

Casting Side


EXT Park - day

Skinny Mack and Big Jack get their groove on as they are walking through Bark Park in their cleanup getup and gear with a dozen clothes pins attached to their uniform.

Oh, a Hot dog.

Big Jack looks as a wiener dog walks by.

Yeah, that’s Hot Dog alright!

No, I mean a hot dog

(He finds a hot dog on the ground and picks it up with his trash grabber tongs.)

Oh, a hot dog.

Did you know that a dog is man's best friend?

Yes, but cats have nine lives.

But we wouldn't have a job if wasn't for dogs.

Guess you're right about that.

(He attaches a clothes pin on his nose as he goes to scoop the poop.)
Wow, looks like Skippy got into the family barbecue last night, looks like a whole corn cob.

(Oblivious to what Skinny Mack is doing, he sings and dances as he daydreams about the perfect barbecue.)
Mm mm….. Barbecue. Hot Dogs, Corn, Ribs… I could go for a barbecue right now.

Big J, You always have food on your mind. Let’s get back to work.

(Singing and dancing away)
I had a dog named Hooper, made a mess on the lawn, thank you Hooper for makin' us the coolest Pooper Scoopers!

Walking the dogs….. walking the dogs…. walking the dogs!


June 28, 2010:

Thanks to mikejonas on Rangerboard, we now have a plethora of information concerning casting for the new 2011 Power Rangers season.

Casting Call Information:

Special Notes: LOCATION: ALL TALENT must be willing to relocate to New Zealand for approx. 6 -8 months. Must have valid or current passport with at least one (1) year left before renewal or able to get one.

RATE: NON-UNION EPISODIC. APPROX. Salary $70/hr or $1,000 per day plus ten percent (10%) agent fee. Favored nations.

ALL OF THE FOLLOWING POWER RANGER ROLES are a group of teens 18-23 years to play 15-19 years. They are all nice looking, charismatic, energetic, outgoing and a confident. They must have SUPER HERO LOOKS with average height and in great physical condition. Martial arts or gymnastics a big plus:

Any ethnicity, male, 18 - 23 to play 17-19 years. Reese is an attractive young man with super hero looks and a slim athletic build, approx 5'10". Natural leader, reserved quiet and mysterious. Martial Arts a plus.

All ethnicity Male, 18 to 23 to play 17-19. He has good looks and a strong slim build. He is approx. 5'6" - 5'9", He is a rebel, street smart He is very creative and not afraid to think outside the box.

Could be any ethnicity Male, 18 to early twenties to play 16-19 years. He is a handsome athletic man with honorable intentions. Approx. 5'6" - 5'10" with a slightly thinner build. Extremely disciplined, punctual, 'military' square. *Martial arts ability is required.

Any ethnicity, 18 to 23 to play 16 to 19 years. 5'4"-5'6. She is beautiful, sophisticated, intelligent and confident. She tends to be the older sister type. Motherly. She is very intuitive and genuinely cares about others.

Any ethnicity, 18 to early twenties to play 14 to 16 years of age. 5'2"- 5'5". Very cute, sweet, positive and very naïve small town girl. She is the baby sister that everyone looks after.

Any ethnicity male, 18 - 23 to play 17-19 years. He is on the slim side - 5'7" - 5'10". He is over animated, funny and affectionate, a Jim Carrey type but with no ego. He is a guy who grew up in the streets and is self taught fighter and a self taught computer programmer. Must have great comedic body movements.

Any ethnicity female, 18 to early twenties to play 16 to 19 years of age. height 5'4"- 5'6". good looking, cold and aloof. She is a princess with blue blood lineage. She is very brave and maintains her courage under difficult circumstances.

Any Ethnicity, Male, 18-30. He was once a skilled Samurai Warrior, who fell ill and sold his soul to the underworld in exchange for eternal life. Juzo has no master, no followers. His sole mission is to find and fight a worthy opponent. His evilness is far greater than the darkest of souls ever known.  MARTIAL ARTS OR FENCING ABILITIES A BIG PLUS


Character Descriptions:

Red Ranger - Reese

REESE is the leader of the Power Rangers. His element is fire. He is of few words, but when he speaks, means what he says. He lost his parents when he was young and was raised by a mentor. He is an excellent warrior and the fight against evil is his sole focus. He has spent most of his life isolated from society. He often remembers his father's advice to never give up, to carry on the family name no matter what. He lives by this promise and does everything he can to protect his family name and fulfill his duty to fight evil and protect the world.

Gold Ranger - Wesley

WESLEY is the 6th Ranger, the Gold Ranger. Unlike the others, he did not receive any formal training and mastered his fighting skills on his own. He is a childhood friend of the Red Ranger. By day, he operates a sushi stand and although he has moderate success, his real dream is to open a full-on sushi restaurant. He also is a programmer and is constantly developing new weapons for the Rangers.  His element is light and he is the most outgoing and positive of the group. Unashamed of his humble origins, he is honored and grateful to fight as a Power Ranger. He is an excellent fighter and total team player.

Blue Ranger - Baron

BARON is the Blue Ranger. His element is water. He is well educated and a great swordsman. He is extremely disciplined and lives by the book. He is confident, not afraid to take charge if needed. By becoming a Power Ranger, he is putting on hold a career as a performer. He often misses it but knows that saving the world and fighting evil must be his priority. He is also a bit of a mama's boy, although he would never admit it.

Green Ranger - Parry

PARRY is the Green Ranger. He is creative, rebellious, irreverent, and lazy; but never afraid to think outside the box. He lost his mother at an early age and grew up mostly with his father, who was more of a big brother and friend than a role model. When he first joins the other Rangers, he realizes that his upbringing did not properly prepare him to be a warrior. He is also a high school dropout.  PARRY is very creative in battle and despite a relaxed and care free attitude, he longs to be the best fighter he can be, even hoping to, one day surpass, REESE. He knows there is much hard work ahead of him and does not give up.

Yellow Ranger - Ava

AVA is the youngest Ranger and is loved and cared for by all. She is innocent, sweet, and gentle, but also very strong when needed. She was raised in the country and comes to the city for the first time when she joins the Rangers. Her older sister was supposed to be the Yellow Ranger, but when she fell ill, AVA had to take her place. During her early childhood, she always relied on her sister, who would play the flute to console young AVA. After her illness, the roles were reversed and it became AVA who played the flute to console her weak older sister. She constantly is plagued by the feeling that she will not live up to what her sister might have been as a Ranger.

Pink Ranger - Sadie

She is confident, intuitive, and sensitive. SADIE was raised by her grandmother, away from her parents. Her toughness and desire to help others is a cover for the pain she felt during her childhood separation from her mother. She is the mother/big sister of the Rangers.  SADIE's dream is to become a wife and mother and lead a normal life. However, due to her upbringing, her image of that "normal" life is childish and disconnected from reality.

Juzo - Evil Samurai: 

He was once a skilled Samurai Warrior, who fell ill and sold his soul to the underworld in exchange for eternal life. Juzo has no master, no followers. His sole mission is to find and fight a worthy opponent.  When he sees REESE fighting, he recognizes his swordsmanship and seeks him out.

Princess - Megan:

The PRINCESS has been living in hiding all her life, cared for and educated by Wesley. Her father died in battle and her mother died soon after her birth. She trained all her life to become the ultimate warrior; to master the power to Seal the Evil Lord, the monster responsible for her father’s death. The Princess is confident and regal. She is not afraid to express herself and when she does is very direct. Underneath her warrior mask lies a sensitive young woman.

Casting Sides:

Parry & Reese Casting Side

The Rangers train vigorously in the garden. PARRY arrives late, half dressed as he has just woken up. The Rangers stop and REESE walks over to
PARRY. PARRY yawns and REESE hits him over the head with a bamboo sword.


You're late.

The old man had me doingcalligraphy all night.

Always an excuse.

REESE hits him over the head again.

Come on! Who do you think you are, hitting people over the head first thing in the morning?

Maybe you should try and defend yourself for once.  Haven't I told you never to let your guard down.

Yeah, yeah.

REESE walks over towards the practice area and attacks another one of the Rangers, who dodges REESE's sword.

I hope you understand that because of you, we all lower ourselves by one notch...in swordsmanship, special powers, even in spirit.

The Rangers listen intently.

I dare you to say that again!

If you’re going to slack off, do it somewhere else...by the way, the old man needs 500 characters by noon.

PARRY sees a pile of paper sitting on a tray.

Why me?

(to the others) Shall we continue?

PARRY walks away from the papers and out into the training area.

What is this place? This is supposed to be some kind of school? High School was at least fun and I had friends.

Everyone ignores him. He goes back and stares at REESE and talks to himself.

He thinks he's so great.

PARRY takes the papers and throws them up in the air.


Wesley & Ava Casting Side


WESLEY sets up his food cart on a pedestrian walkway by the lake. He sees AVA walking towards him. She looks troubled.

Hey, Ava. You came to help me?

Looks like I got you in a lot of trouble.

In trouble? Are you joking? Thanks to you, I will be able to open my own restaurant. I've been interviewed for magazines! Gold Sushi is famous!

Are you sure this is what you want?

Of course! It's my life's dream.

Is it?

WESLEY's happy face fades.

WESLEY sits.

Ever since I took over for my father, I promised myself that I would someday turn this place into a great restaurant. When I was a kid, my father sold this business and I was so upset about it, I ran away from home. I'm starting to understand more why he did it.


Even if it's not exactly how I imagined it, I still get to open a restaurant, right. I can always serve sushi too.

AVA sits opposite him. She pretends to be a customer.

I would like one piece of sushi, please.

WESLEY prepares a tuna roll and serves AVA.

Here you are.

She takes a bite. It's bad. Wesley looks disappointed.

It doesn't taste as good. Tastes kind of like curry.

I've been up to my eyeballs in curry.

I think I prefer the old Wesley. Your dream was a sushi restaurant, not curry, right?

WESLEY stares at the pot of curry next to the fish and wasabi. He knows AVA is right.

Sadie & Ava Casting Side

SADIE stands outside the gym where the rescued children play. She is wounded just above her right hip. Slowly, she sits on the floor and leans against the wall. AVA comes looking for her.

Sadie, Sadie, are you okay?

Yes, it’s nothing.

AVA notices blood.

You’re injured. Let me see.

I told you. Don’t worry. Just go back. I’ll meet you inside.

I won’t leave you like this.

I’m fine, please.

I think you need to rest a while. The kids are fine.

SADIE looks into the room and sees a group of girls playing with dolls and toys.

I always wanted to play like that.

SADIE turns to AVA. She smiles but is sad.

I never got to play with other girls. When I was young, all I wanted to do was play house, pretend I was the mom, but…I always had to practice, to train…I’m sorry for talking this way. I don’t quite feel like myself.

It’s okay. That’s your dream? To marry…

Sometimes, I just wish I could have a normal life; become a normal wife, maybe even a normal mother one day.

I am sure you will be all of those things.

Well, that was the plan. But sometimes, I think about what would happen if we…

I know…

SADIE brushes it off with a smile.

I’m sorry. I’m just being…such a–

No. It’s fine. I understand.

Let’s go back inside. C’mon. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. I’m getting so emotional…

SADIE smiles to AVA and tries to get back up, but she is held back by the shooting pain in her side.

Baron & Wesley Casting Side


WESLEY and BARON sit in a cave. Some evil foot soldiers pass by, but do not see them. Wesley ties his wounded shoulder with a rag while BARON tries to make a call on his cell phone.

No reception here either.

WESLEY tries to get up.

Let’s go back up or else the girls will-

BARON pulls him back down.

You can’t fight like that. I’ll go alone.

There’s no way you’ll make it.

BARON stands up to leave.

You stay here. If by chance, you make it down, contact Reese and the others.


WESLEY tries to get up but at first is too weak. BARON is attacked by foot soldiers and WESLEY comes and saves him.

What do you think you’re doing? I told you-

Why are you always trying to protect me?

I’m not, I just…

If you really considered me an equal, you wouldn’t ask me to stay behind. You wouldn’t ask Reese, would you? See, you don’t take me seriously. I have always wanted to be a Ranger and I am up to the challenge. To you, it might seem like I’m just playing Super Hero, but if someone or something is about to take a life… I will fight to save it.

WESLEY grabs BARON’s shirt.
Heroes do not worry about themselves when others are in need.

WESLEY and BARON lock stares.

It looks like you might be a hero after all. Let’s see how you fight when the odds are stacked against you.

Let’s go. We’ll show them what we can do together.

WESLEY begins to ascend. BARON stays behind.

Don’t worry. Reese and the others will come.

WESLEY stops, surprised.

You spoke with them?

No, but they’ll be ready for practice soon. When they see I’m not there, they’ll know something is wrong.

BARON walks past WESLEY.

Hey, wait for me.

WESLEY follows BARON up the hill.

They would know just because you missed practice?

I don’t live a disciplined life for nothing. Reese and the others will come.

Okay. Entrusting your life means to have faith in the others…

Not faith. Certainty.

They reach the top.

We just have to hold them off until they get here.

An army of foot soldiers awaits them. It’s time for battle.

Let’s hope you’re right. Either way, the battle begins now.

Ava & Reese Casting Side

Ava sits alone. She has her sister’s letter clenched in her hand. Reese joins her.

There is nothing you could have done. If the roles had been reversed, you would have also tried to protect someone. Best thing for you to do now is heal and recover.

Reese notices the letter crumpled up in Ava’s hands. Reese takes the letter and tried to straighten it on his lap.

You should be grateful to have a sister who worries about you.

I feel like I am letting her down. I rely too much on Baron and the others. They’re carrying me.

I’m not so sure about that. And I really doubt that the others feel that way.

Baron eavesdrops from a distance.

I highly doubt that the others feel that you rely on them.

You know, lately, I feel like something is not quite right with Baron.

Baron is surprised.

Sadie noticed it too, I think, but hasn’t said anything to me. Maybe she’s trying to protect me. I don’t know…I am just starting to realize it now but I’m sure it has happened in the past, I was just totally unaware.

Ava stands and takes a few steps towards the garden. She notices the full moon.

I know now that its not enough just to keep up with the others. I must also be mindful of my sister and what she would have done. She believes in me, believes that I do my best. But I need to try even harder. I won’t let her down.

She walks off. Reese looks at the wrinkled letter in his hand.

Princess Megan & Reese Casting Side

Reese enters the Princess’ room where she lies in bed bandaged and bruised. The door opens and Wesley stumbles in as he was trying to eavesdrop on their conversation. Embarrassed, he leaves.

Forgive Wesley. He only tries to protect me.

Of course.
(a beat.)

I always wondered what my double would be like.

PRINCESS turns towards Reese and smiles.

You are so much more suited for this than I am.

The Princess slowly sits up, wincing in pain.

But one thing remains the same. You are as lonely as me. Having Wesley or Baron is helpful, but one is always alone in the end.

Yes, but…

But what?

Well, there will always be those who stand by us.

The warriors, yes. I understood that also, when I came here. That it was a mistake to think that I, alone, could protect the Shiba and cast the Seal. Now I know…there is no way for me to do it without them.

I’m starting to understand that too. The faces of each warrior pass through their minds.

Reese, I have a plan, but I need your help.


As more information develops, I will keep you up to date.

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