4 Inch Power Rangers & Villains 
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Red Ranger Package


Red Ranger Figure


Red Ranger's Dino Flyer & Claws



Green Ranger Package


Green Ranger Figure


Green Ranger's Dino Flyer & Claws



Black Ranger Package


Black Ranger Figure


Black Ranger's Dino Flyer & Claws



Blue Ranger Package


Blue Ranger Figure


Blue Ranger's Dino Flyer & Claws



Yellow Ranger Package


Yellow Ranger Figure


Yellow Ranger's Dino Flyer & Claws



Pink Ranger Package


Pink Ranger Figure


Pink Ranger's Dino Flyer & Claws



Alpha 5 & Zordon Package


Alpha 5 Figure


Zordon Figure


Alpha 5 & Zordon

Goldar Package


Goldar Figure - No Wings


Goldar Figure - With Wings


Putty Patrol Package


Putty Patrol Figure


Power Blaster Accessory

Blade Blaster & Thunder Slinger Combo Accessory

Goldar & Putty Patrol


Red Ranger with Blade Blaster & Thunder Slinger Combo

Rangers with their Power Weapons

Rangers with Power Blaster

RPM Red Ranger & Mighty Morphin Red Ranger
Size Comparison

Super Legends Extreme Green Ranger, Super Legends 5 Inch Green Ranger 
& Mighty Morphin 4 Inch Green Ranger Size Comparison

4 Inch Mighty Morphin Figure Basic Sizes

All Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!


Linear's Review:

Wow, I gotta say that there was a time when I thought I'd never be able to buy NEW Mighty Morphin Power Rangers toys, but now there are NEW Mighty Morphin toys.  These figures are a good start to the NEW 2010 Mighty Morphin toyline.  I should note that I ordered these from ToysRUs.com when they had them in stock.  Some other Power Rangers fans are now reporting find them in Wal-Mart stores in California.

Let's start with the basics.  Each figures basically measures just at 4 inches, though sometimes they're just a tiny bit over that.  The packaging is designed to represent the Viewing Globe I believe.  Every figure comes with accessories, besides Alpha 5 & Zordon.  

The Rangers figures are pretty good.  I'll start with some of the downsides.  Their helmets do seem just a tiny bit out of scale with the rest of their bodies.  The girls can be a real pain to try and pose.  The Dino Flyers & Claws are really useless overall.  The Dino Flyer can light up with a tiny red light when you press a button.  You can either have the Rangers in a "Flight" mode or "Claw" mode from the flyer & claws accessories.  The Rangers have a bit more muscles than probably necessary.  Now to the good points.  All the Rangers come with their signature Power Weapons as well as a Blade Blaster, except Green Ranger.  The Power Weapons cannot combine together, but that's what the Power Blaster that comes with the Putty Patrol is for.  All the main details are in place on the Rangers, and I greatly appreciate Bandai America putting the morpher paint details on each Ranger.  The Rangers have the usual points of articulation; glove & boot cuffs, elbows & knees, leg & arms and head.  

Alpha 5 & Zordon come together in one package.  The Alpha 5 looks really good.  All the major details are present on him and he's in pretty good scale with the Rangers.  He does not have hardly any elbow articulation though.  Zordon is a big disappointment.  It really does not look like Zordon from the series, and as many fans have stated, he looks more like the Zordon from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie.  The outer tube of Zordon can be removed.  I would have liked to see the tube done in a clear aqua plastic at least.

Goldar & the Putty Patrol are our first villains for the set.  Goldar is okay, but what really hurts him is the sever lack of articulation all around.  You can move his feet 360 degrees, but his arms have only a tiny bit of articulation.  The poses you see in the pictures above are basically the extent of how much he can be posed.  He does come with his sword and removable wings.  He is missing some paint detailing, but that's not a big for me.  The Putty Patrol looks good, especially with the big golem hands.  He has a fully range of articulation.  For his accessories, Bandai America gave him the Ranger's Power Blaster & the Blade Blaster / Thunder Slinger Combo Weapon.  This is a very nice addition as it gives the Rangers more weapons.

Now let's talk size.  Yes, these figures are 4 inches tall and great deal smaller than all past basic Ranger figures.  So posing these figures with past Ranger figures will look really strange, but with keeping just with the 2010 figures, of course it looks normal.  Is it bad that the figures had to shrink some?  Yes, but it really is better to shrink the toy and keep the price affordable than to have a 5 inch figure cost $10 to $12 like some other toy companies have done.  Some have said if the Dino Flyers & Claws weren't made, then perhaps the figures could have remained 5 inches tall, but we will never know for sure if that would have been the case.  I don't think the size really hurts these figures that much, as they still look pretty good.


I think kids getting into Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for the first time will really like these figures.  They still have all the basic articulation, weapons, and playability of past Ranger figures.  Plus with a number of other toy companies reducing their figures to 4 inches, this will allow kids to come up with all kinds of adventures with their Mighty Morphin figures.


I know I'm probably gonna catch some flack for this rating, but I really think if adult collectors will give this line of figures a chance, they'll like them.  Yes, the smaller size is gonna be an issue to some, but honestly, when you get the figures, stand them together, and stand back to look at them, you can't help but feel nostalgic and have a smile appear on your face.  Now there will still be some collectors that just do not think these figures are worth it, and that's cool too.  But again, for most collectors, I encourage you to give these toys a chance.

Linear Ranger

I'm really happy I was able to order these beauties before ToysRUs.com sold out.  I'm pleased with my purchase and I do enjoy having all these figures posed together.  The size of them really does not bother me that much.  I am disappointed in Zordon & Goldar, but the rest of the line is still good and I feel was worth every penny I spent.