Name:  Tommy Oliver
Ranger:  Green Ranger
Dino Coin:  Dragon Coin
Morpher:  Power Morpher
Weapons:  Dragon Dagger
Zords:  Dragonzord
Hobbies:  Martial Arts


Tommy was the new kids in town & showed up to compete in a martial arts competition.  He faced off against Jason and the match ended in a tie.  Tommy's skills caught Rita's eye and she choose him to be her evil Green Ranger.  Rita sent a squad of Putties to attack Tommy, and after he successfully defeated them, Rita kidnapped him.  She used her magic to place Tommy under her evil spell.  Tommy was given the Dragon Coin, making him the Green Ranger.

The Green Ranger's first task was to disable Zordon, Alpha 5 & the Command Center.  By having a Power Coin, he was able to enter the Command Center and do everything Rita asked.  

Later when the Rangers were fighting Goldar with the Megazord, the Green Ranger boarded the cockpit and attacked the Rangers, forcing them to the ground.  The evil Ranger then proceeded to fight and beat all five Rangers.

With the first battle one, Rita then had Tommy return to Angel Grove and keep his identity secret.  He managed to give Kimberly the cold shoulder, and when Jason's back was turned, Tommy used his Dragon Coin to transport Jason to the Dark Dimension to fight Goldar.  Rita tested Tommy once more in another battle with Putties.  After passing the test, he was given the Sword of Darkness.

When he showed up as the Green Ranger next, the four remaining Rangers jumped into action, but they were no match against the Sword of Darkness alone.  The Rangers jumped to their Megazord and used the shield to send a blast from the Green Ranger's sword back at him, forcing him to retreat.

Later when Goldar had Jason trapped in the Dark Dimension, the Green Ranger arrived to finish off the leader of the Power Rangers.  Goldar left to let the evil Ranger do just that.  The two warriors fought one another and Jason managed to find his Power Morpher.  But before he could use it, the Green Ranger pinned his arm down and prepared to end the battle with his Sword of Darkness.  Luckily before he could strike, Jason was teleported back to the Command Center.  For his failure, the Green Ranger was forced to remain in the dimension until Rita needed him.

Rita then teleported the Green Ranger to the Command Center once more.  He shut Alpha down as he was trying to lock onto Zordon.  The evil Ranger then proceeded to try and send Zordon to another dimension.  Luckily Alpha's back up systems came online and he managed to trap the Green Ranger in a force field.  Before Alpha could use the computers to reveal the Green Ranger's identity, he was transported out by Rita's magic.

The Green Ranger was made giant size with Rita's wand and engaged in battle against the Ranger's Megazord.  Along with Goldar & Scorpina, the evil trio overwhelmed the Megazord.  Plus Rita's magic created a solar eclipse, thus cutting off the Megazord's solar power.  This all led to the fall of the Megazord with the Rangers barely being able to escape.

When the Rangers returned to the Command Center, the computers finally finished putting together the information from scanning the Green Ranger when he was in the force field.  The Rangers then learned that the Green Ranger was in fact Tommy.  The other Rangers then set out to help free Tommy from Rita's spell.  However, when Kimberly confronted Tommy, he told her that he would destroy her and the other Rangers.

Rita later summoned the Dragonzord from the sea and gave it to the Green Ranger for him to control with his new Dragon Dagger.  The new Zord rampaged in the city with the Green Ranger.  The other Rangers tried to stop him, but were powerless without their Zords.  Luckily Alpha 5 was able to get Zordon back, and thus get the Rangers Zords back to them.

The Red Ranger managed to battle the Dragonzord with the Tyrannosaurus Dino Zord.  With the Dragonzord weakened, the Rangers formed the Megazord and had the Dragonzord on the ropes.  When the Green Ranger still refused to give up, the Red Ranger jumped down to the ground and he and the Green Ranger fought on another.  Luckily the Red Ranger was successful and managed to destroy the Sword of Darkness, breaking Rita's hold over Tommy.

With the spell completely removed, Tommy was returned to normal.  Jason and the other Rangers then offered Tommy the chance to join with them in their battle against Rita, and Tommy accepted.

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