Owners:  Power Rangers 
Weapons:  Cannons

When Tommy & Jason were sent to retrieve the special weapons needed to destroy the Super Putties, they faced off against Titanus the Carrier Zord & protector of the weapons.  By working together they managed to hold off Titanus and get the weapons.  Zordon later explained to the Rangers that Titanus was just testing Jason & Tommy's ability to work together as a team.  

Titanus is actually an ally Zord equipped with powerful cannons and the key Zord in the Ultrazord Formation.



Owners:  Power Rangers 
Components:  Megazord, Dragonzord & Titanus

When the Megazord, Dragonzord & Titanus all combine together, they form the Ultrazord.  It unites all the fire power of the Zords and is able to fire it at any monster and destroy it.


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