Undead Monsters
Fly Trap

Fly Trap disguised himself as "DJ Fly", a new DJ in Briarwood.  When Vida went to the club he was DJing, she, and many other teens, fell victim to his hypnotic powers, and were soon turned into Vampires.  

It didn't take Chip long to notice Vida has all the signs of being a Vampire, though the others did not believe him.  When Vida tried to attack Chip, he held her off with his garlic clove.  Chip told Vida that he would help her return to normal, no matter what.  The two then returned to the night club, only to fall back under DJ Fly's trance.

Necrolai showed up and was about to attack Chip, when he reveal that he came prepared and was wearing earplugs.  Chip fought off Necrolai as best he could, and then morphed into the Yellow Ranger.  After he had done so, Fly Trap was about to fire at Vida.  The Yellow Ranger managed to jump in front of the attack and take the hit.  With Vida still a vampire, and Chip drained of strength, both Necrolai and Fly Trap managed to escape.

After Chip regained his strength, he and Vida went to fight Fly Trap in the city, in their Ranger forms.  The others, after realizing Chip was correct in his Vampire theory, morphed and joined them.  Working together, all five Rangers used a combined tornado attack to weaken Fly Trap.

However, the monster then grew large, forcing the Rangers to morph into the Mystic Titan forms and form the Titan Megazord.  The Rangers fought off Fly Trap, but they were running out of time.  The sun was about to rise, and if the monster was not destroyed, all the teens he turned to Vampire would be turned to ash.  Fly Trap was then destroyed thanks to the Mystic Spell Shield Attack.

With the monster destroyed, the spell was broken and all the teens, including Vida were returned to normal; or so it seemed.  The others soon realized, thanks to Chips "Vampire Chalk" that Vida was still a Vampire.

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