Undead Monsters

Jester was called forth by Imperious to use Dark Magic and attack the city.  He was also given a Dark Pen to use in the city.  With his first attack on the city, he terrorized the citizens of Briarwood, until the Mystic Force Rangers showed up.  The Rangers fought as best they could, but the monster was too fast for them, and he managed to get away.  However, before he did so, he placed a strange marking on the ground, with the pen he had been given.  

When he returned to place another symbol on the earth, the Rangers showed up and foiled his plan.  The Blue Ranger realized that he was planning on creating a giant Dark Seal on the city.  But before he could complete the seal, the Blue Ranger washed the marking off with her Water Powers.  She then tried to battle the monster alone, but was outmatched.

Furious that his plans had been stopped, Jester was able to strike Madison down, but before he could, a frog jumped on him, and distracted him.  This allowed the other Rangers time to get into the fight.  While the other Rangers fought Jester, Madison kissed the frog that had saved her.  That kiss broke the spell on the frog, and returned him to Daggeron.

Once freed, Daggeron set out to take on Jester and the Hidiacs that had been summoned.  The hero morphed into the Solaris Knight and took on the Undead Warriors with the Laser Lamp.  The Hidiacs were defeated easily, and Jester was destroyed with Jenji's Shinning Attack from the Laser Lamp.

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