Undead Monsters
The Behemoth

The Behemoth was summoned by Imperious.  He was ordered to use his Seismic Stakes to attack the city, and draw out the Solaris Knight.  When the beast was about to use his first stake on the city, Daggeron flew in on his Solar Carpet and made the stake disappear.  Daggeron then morphed into the Solaris Knight and did battle with The Behemoth.  However, the battle was soon interrupted by Koragg the Knight Wolf.

While the Solaris Knight and the Knight Wolf fought, The Behemoth tried to escape.  But Solaris back and stopped the monster from attacking once more.  The other Rangers soon joined the battle, and with the Green Ranger using his new Mystic Muscles, they were able to defeat the beast.

The Behemoth then used Dark Magic to grow to giant size.  The Solaris Knight jumped into action and used his Solar Streak Megazord to battle the monster.  With the Furnace Blast attack, The Behemoth was destroyed once and for all.

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