Undead Monsters

Shrieker was one of the four Barbarian Beasts, and did not fight with honor, and were sealed away in the Oblivion.  However, Imperious set them all free, and commanded them to do his bidding.  

The Rangers, minus the weakened Yellow Ranger,  found Shrieker the bamboo forest.  Before the battle could begin, Imperious used his magic to make the beast grow.  The Rangers tried to fight the giant monster with the Mystic Titans and the Solar Streak Megazord.  Though even together the Ball Attack proved useless against this monster.  

Shrieker returned to normal size and continued fighting the Rangers.  The Mystic Force was outmatched by the beast's Shriek Attack, until the Yellow Ranger joined the battle.  The Yellow Ranger was able to use his Lighting Powers to fire the Shriek back at the beast, weakened it.  The other Rangers took advantage of this, as Solaris Knight, Red, Green, Pink and Blue Rangers fired their magic together, and destroyed Shrieker.

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