Leelee, as expected, was not as she appeared. On the outside she appeared to be just a stuck up girl, only caring about herself and money.  However, the hidden secret she had was that she was Necrolai's Daughter.  

Leelee tried liking the evil girl routine, but after the darkness continued to fail, and Leelee herself was turned into an insect many times, she decided to leave the Underworld and return to Briarwood.  So for the time being, Leelee has gotten a job at Rock Porium.  While the Rangers still remain very suspicious about Leelee's intentions, Leelee swears that she really just wants to be a friend to the team.

She tried hard to befriend the Rangers, but due to her past deeds, the team never trusted her and made her feel like an outcast.  When Leelee then went to the Underworld to mope, the Book of Prophecy came to her and revealed that, though she did not want to, Leelee would soon become the Queen of the Vampires.  

Leelee refused to accept the destiny laid out before her.  She decided that she would change her path, and to do that, she was going to save the captured Udonna.  With Phineas and Clare, the three were successful in freeing Udonna.  Plus, Leelee got the Snow Staff back for Udonna, thus returning the White Ranger Powers to her.  

After proving herself good, Leelee has finally been accepted by the Rangers, and is welcome by them all.  Plus, Leelee started dating Phineas, since he showed to be smart, brave and caring.

During the final battle, Leelee was able to convince her mother, who had broken away from the evil Terrors and The Master, to help revive the fallen Daggeron and Leanbow.  By doing this, Necrolai was transformed into a human.

After the final battle, Leelee continued working at the Rock Porium.  Plus, she continued dating Phineas, while her mother, now named Nikkei, began dating Toby.

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