Mystic Mother

The Mystic Mother was once known as the evil sorceress, Rita Repulsa.  However, in the great battle of 1998, Zordon's wave purified Rita making her good.  After that, Rita used her magic for good and became the Empress of all Good Magic, Mystic Mother.

During The Masters attacks, he came to the Mystic Mother's Palace Dimension to attack her.  Snow Prince tried to warn and get her to flee, but she stood her ground.  The Mystic Mother tried her strongest spell on The Master, but even that was not enough.  As The Master began destroying the palace and Mystic Mother, the Empress transported Snow Prince to the Human World to warn the Mystic Force.

However, before The Master could destroy the Mystic Mother, she was able to transform herself into energy.  By doing so, she continued on and granted Clare the power to become a full sorceress.  In her energy form, the Mystic Mother continues to watch over all those that serve in the light of good magic.

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