Phineas was a Troblin, that is a union of a Troll and a Goblin.  However, both Trolls and Goblins hated him, so he wandered the magical forest alone.  He also seemed to have an invisible companion which he spoke to.  

Phineas became friends with Nick, but has also warned him of the Supreme Master of the Underworld.  Plus, this odd Troblin continued to aid the Rangers with good advice and getting them out of sticky situations.  

It was revealed, that during the great battle, Phineas found Udonna and Leanbow's baby Bowen.  To protect the young child from all the chaos occurring, Phineas took the baby and left him in the human world.  

Later, when Udonna had been captured by Hekatoid, Phineas helped Leelee and Clare rescue her.  It was during this that Phineas showed himself to be even more intelligent, brave, and caring.  Leelee has seen past Phineas' exterior, and the two are now dating.  Plus, Phineas has now taken on a job at the Rock Porium.

For a short time, Phineas was fired from the Rock Porium, due to the fact that his outward appearance scared off all the customers.  However, thanks to Phineas and Toby convincing everyone in the Forest and City that there was nothing to be afraid of, they were able to restore the Mystic Force's powers to them, allowing them to destroy The Master.

After the battle was won, Phineas got his job back at the Rock Porium, and continued dating Leelee.

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