Snow Prince

The Snow Prince was the mentor to the original Mystic Warriors years ago.  He had not shown himself for quite some time, that is until he interrupted a training cession between Daggeron and Nick.  Snow Prince explained that since Daggeron had strayed off the path of knowledge, for one day, Nick would become the teacher and Daggeron the student.

Later, as the Rangers were battling against Megahorn, Snow Prince came to their rescue.  The mystic battled the terror, however, with his powers being weaker in the Surface World, he transported Megahorn to the Snow Dimension.  He also requested the Rangers, except Daggeron, help.  Together in the Snow Dimension, Snow Prince and the Rangers tried combining their Mystic Fire Power.  But this was still not enough.  Megahorn attacked the dimension itself and sent himself and the mystics back to the Surface World.  

Daggeron then came to fight.  The warrior had learned that sometimes you have to follow your gut, and do things your own way, not the ways of others.  Seeing that Daggeron had learned his lesson, the Snow Prince returned to his home dimension.

During the final battles, when The Master went to the Magical Realm, Snow Prince tried to get the Mystic Mother to flee.  However, the Mystic Mother stood her ground and teleported Snow Prince to the human dimension to warn the Mystic Force.

Snow Prince later explained that before the Mystic Mother was destroyed, she transformed herself into energy, and granted Clare the power to become a full sorceress.

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