Toby ran the Rock Porium, the record shop that Nick, Xander, Chip, Vida & Madison all work at.  He was laid back kind of guy, but did worry about his employees doing their work, and the reputation of his store.

Toby had always wondered where his employees ran off to so often.  Now he has finally learned that his employees are in fact the Power Rangers.  While the team tried to tell him so before hand, he didn't believe them because they were feeling sorry for themselves, something real Rangers wouldn't do.  So it is actually thanks to Toby in this, and on other instances, that the Rangers have gotten out of tough spots.

With knowing that his employees are the Power Rangers, Toby is not as up tight about them wandering off, now that he knows that they're out saving the world.  But to help in the absence, Toby also hired Phineas to work at the Rock Porium.

For a short time, Phineas was fired from the Rock Porium, due to the fact that his outward appearance scared off all the customers.  However, thanks to Phineas and Toby convincing everyone in the Forest and City that there was nothing to be afraid of, they were able to restore the Mystic Force's powers to them, allowing them to destroy The Master.

After the battle was won, Toby continued running the Rock Porium.  However, he promoted Xander to Manager, gave Phineas his job back, and Toby himself started dating Nikkei, the now good human of Necrolai.

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