Mystic Force Episodes

I.  Broken Spell Part I
Premiered on February 20, 2006
After an earthquake, a crack develops in the gate and evil is allowed to escape.  Now five seemly ordinary teenagers must accept their legacy, believe in magic, and become the Power Rangers.

II.  Broken Spell Part II
Premiered on February 20, 2006
When evil attacks, Xander, Chip, Vida, and Madison jump into action as the Power Rangers Mystic Force.  But it is Nick who must learn to believe in himself and magical powers, to then become the Red Mystic Force Ranger.

III.  Code Busters
Premiered on February 27, 2006
The Rangers must face a new challenge, as they take on the Hydro Worm and Mucor.  It's time for the Rangers to learn the code for their Mystic Titan Forms, and take down evil.

IV.  Rock Solid
Premiered on March 6, 2006
When trying to break out of shell, Madison comes up against Clawbster, and is turned to stone.  Now the Rangers must save their friend, and master the power of the Titan Megazord.

V.  Whispering Voices
Premiered on March 13, 2006
It's just not Nick's day, as he's accused of taking money from the Rock Porium and a strange voice begin haunting his thoughts.

VI.  Legendary Catastros
Premiered on March 20, 2006
After Nick interrupts Koragg's spell, he is sent to the holding dimension of Catastros.  Now nick must conquer his fear of the ancient steed. 

VII.  Fire Heart
Premiered on March 27, 2006
The Rangers must journey into the Cimmerian Forest, and locate the Fire Heart.  But for them to succeed, they must learn to work together, as a team.

VIII.  Stranger Within Part I
Premiered on April 3, 2006
When Vida goes to a see a new DJ in town, she ends up as a victim to the DJ, who's really Fly Trap.  Vida and many teens in Briarwood are turned into vampires.  Though the Rangers manage to defeat the monster, they soon realize that Vida's vampirism is still in effect. 

IX.  Stranger Within Part II
Premiered on April 17, 2006
With Vida still a vampire, the Rangers must now find a way to defeat Necrolai.  However, with Vida protecting the evil hag, the battle for their friend becomes even more dangerous.

X.  Petrified Xander
Premiered on April 24, 2006
When Xander uses a Plant Perfection Potion on himself, the effects are not as he had expected.

XI.  The Gatekeeper Part I
Premiered on May 8, 2006
Clare takes on the legacy of her mother as the Gatekeeper. Necrolai is about to destroy the rangers but Clare steps forward and the forces of evil use her to raise the gate.

XII.  The Gatekeeper Part II
Premiered on May 15, 2006
The gates have been raised and Morticon is set free. Nick goes to save Clare while the others hold off Morticon and Clare uses the rest of her powers to lower the gates. The rangers destroy Morticon with the help of the White Ranger.

XIII.  Scaredy Cat
Premiered online on May 27, 2006
Premiered on TV on June 5, 2006

Necrolai gets the rangers to break the force field of a magical cave. Inside the cave is a magical lamp and a petrified mummy. Jenji is found inside the lamp. Imperious is brought to life by The Master.

XIV.  Long Ago
Premiered on TV on June 12, 2006
Imperious turns into Calindor and tries to persuade Udonna into believing he can help Mystic Force. The rangers are busy trying to fight Jester. When the curse is lifted from Daggeron, everyone finds out what really happened long ago and that Calindor is evil.

XV.  Inner Strength
Premiered online on June 5, 2006
Premiered on TV on June 12, 2006
Daggeron teaches Xander that without practice, he can cause harm to the rest of the rangers. Daggeron sends the teens to Shalifar to help Xander see the meaning of inner strength.

XVI.  Soul Specter
Premiered online on June 12, 2006
Premiered on June 19, 2006
Koragg decides it's time to fight Solaris Knight. Gnatu steals life force from civilians when the Rangers come to stop him. Chip accidentally stumbles upon a soul specter as they battle Gnatu. Daggeron must save Chip from the soul specter while battling Koragg.

XVII.  Ranger Down
Premiered online on June 26, 2006
Premiered on June 26, 2006
Jenji gets jealous of Fire Heart so he takes him to live in the forest. When Jenji goes back to find him, Fire Heart is gone.

XVIII.  Dark Wish Part I
Premiered on July 10, 2006
The Mystic Force team is challenged by the evil Imperious who is granted a dark wish. Now, it's up to the five heroes to find a way to save the world from evil.

XIX.  Dark Wish Part II
Premiered on July 10, 2006
The Mystic Force team is challenged by the evil Imperious who is granted a dark wish. Now, it's up to the five heroes to find a way to save the world from evil.

XX.  Dark Wish Part III
Premiered on July 10, 2006
The Mystic Force team is challenged by the evil Imperious who is granted a dark wish. Now, it's up to the five heroes to find a way to save the world from evil.

XXI.  Koragg's Trial
Premiered on July 22, 2006
Imperious makes Koragg stand trial for his countless failures. In the end, Koragg argues that he fights with honor. Imperious does not and should not be trusted. The master agrees and returns Koragg's power to him.

XXII.  Heir Apparent Part I
Premiered on July 29, 2006
Udonna and Daggeron finally reveal the full story of the Ancient Battle, and the fate of Leanbow to the Rangers.  With this knowledge, the Rangers are ready for battle.  But Daggeron and Jenji are taken out of the picture by Imperious, and the Rangers are captured by Chimera.  Just before the Master drains the Rangers of their powers, Udonna saves them, only to then be saved by Koragg, as he remembers that he is truly Leanbow!

XXIII.  Heir Apparent Part II
Premiered on August 11, 2006
After saving Udonna and the Rangers from the Underworld, Leanbow explains how the Master overpowered him and transformed him into Koragg.  However, Leanbow's freedom doesn't last long, as he is recaptured.  Meanwhile, Daggeron has to deal with Imperious, and the Rangers must still finish off Chimera without their Legend Powers.

XXIV.  The Light
Premiered online on August 7, 2006
Premiered on August 14, 2006
When the Ten Terrors are released from the Underworld, the Mystic Force Rangers must stand up and face their greatest foes yet.

XXV.  The Hunter
Premiered online on August 16, 2006
Premiered on August 20, 2006
When Oculous is chosen by the Stone of Judgment, he takes out all the Rangers but Nick.  Now Nick must realize his importance of being The Light, in order to unlock the power of the Red Dragon Fire Ranger.

XXVI.  Hard Heads
on September 18, 2006
Nick and Vida are at odds with each other, but now is not the time for fighting, since Serpentina has been selected to fight the Rangers.  The two must learn to swallow their pride and work together to save the others, and the city.

XXVII.  Snow Prince
on September 25, 2006
The Snow Prince decides that Daggeron has strayed off the path of knowledge, so for one day Nick is the teacher and Daggeron the student.

XXVIII.  Light Source Part I
on October 9, 2006
Hekatoid has captured Udonna and the rangers chase after him in his own dimension in order to rescue Nick's mom. Daggeron is in the real world trying to stop all the tadpoles Hekatoid has lain to destroy the world.

XXIX.  Light Source Part II
on October 9, 2006
The teens lose their power trying to save Udonna when an odd trio ends up saving her instead. The Terrors can care less because they have acquired the Master from a defeated Koragg.

XXX.  The Return
on October 30, 2006
The Master's Energy selects Matoombo as its host, but the gentle Terror refuses to serve The Master anymore.  Gekkor also jumped into the fray as he tries to destroy the Terror Traitor, but is surprised by the return of Leanbow and his Wolf Warrior Powers.

XXXI.  Mystic Fate Part I
in the UK on November 4, 2006
Premiered on November 13, 2006
Itassis doesn't want to fight for the Master anymore so the Master takes matters into his own hands and destroys Mystic Mother.

XXXII.  Mystic Fate Part II
in the UK on November 4, 2006
Premiered on November 13, 2006
In the final confrontation with The Master, the Rangers must use all their magic to try and save both the Surface World and the Magical Realm.

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