Linear FAQ's 

Q1.  Do you work for Power Rangers?
A1.  No, as Iíve stated on numerous accounts, I do not work for any company or business relating to Disney, Power Rangers, or Toei.  All I am is a fan with the website.

Q2.  Iíve missed a lot of episodes from past seasons and saw that you said you had all episodes on tape.  Will you make copies of them for me?
A2.  No.  Okay, youíve got to realize, while Power Rangers and my four other favorite shows are a big part of my life, I do not have the time to sit down and try to make tapped copies for fans.  Not to mention Iím sure it would get me in all kinds of trouble with Disney.  

Q3.  Man the names of some of the Weapons, Zords, etcÖ really stink.
A3.  Okay, for now all the names of all the Ranger Arsenal are just names that Iíve come up with.  I come up with these names because itís better than just leaving everything without a name.  Plus, if you look at the bottom of each page, I clearly explain how all information is pure speculation and is yet to be confirmed, except for the name Power Rangers Mystic Force.

Q4.  Can I help you with your websites or fan fictions?
A4.  No.  While it is sometimes a large task to run my sites, it is a task that I can take on.  I do appreciate the help, but working on this, and my other sites, is something that I greatly enjoy and am able to take a sense of pride in.  As for helping with my fan fictions, thatís an even larger NO.  While others may think of my writings as junk, I do take pride in my ideas and writing.  Thus, I want to keep it that way and do not wish to collaborate with anyone for fan fictions.

Q5.  Will you post my fan fictions or fan art on you site?
A5.  No, any and all fan works I post on my site are done solely by me.  If you want, I can post a link to your fan works in the links section.

Q6.  Youíve got something spelled wrong on your site.
A6.  Gee really?  Listen, Iím not perfect.  Iím sure there are things spelled wrong on the site.  When I see them I try and correct them as soon as possible.  I read over all my information before I upload it, but there are always going to be some mistakes that slip through.  Plus, if you plan on e-mailing me because your Closed Captioning said that something was spelled another way than I have it, let me just inform you that Closed Captioning is not always correct.

Q7.  When are you going to update again?
A7.  With new episodes of Power Rangers Mystic Force premiering mainly on Monday nights, I try my best to have the site updated by Tuesday or Wednesday night.  You must understand that I work 8 hours a day, and it is usually a very hard days work.  But I still come home, and work on this site.  Still, there are times when I'm just too tired to update the site on those days.   Do know, that I always work my hardest to keep the site up to date.  So please do not e-mail me demanding that I update.

Q8.  Are you selling any of your Power Rangers toys?
A8.  A big resounding NO!  Iíve been collecting Power Rangers toys since the very beginning and have saved the packages for each and every one of them.  While my storage space for my collection is running low, I am NEVER going to willingly part with my Power Rangers collection.

Q09.  I canít see the new updates or any of the siteís pictures.  Whatís wrong?
A09.  Okay, Iíve gotten this question a few times.  All I can say is try clearing out your Temporary Internet Documents and reloading the site.  If you still cannot see them, try restarting you computer.  If the problem still persists, then Iím sorry, but I do not know what the problem is.

Q10.  Will you post a link to my site in your Links Page?
A10.  Sure, Iíll try.  Send me the link, Iíll look your site over, and if I donít see anything inappropriate, then Iíll post the link.  However, if I look at your site, see that you have STOLEN images from my site, and or, copied information word-for-word from my site, then NO, I will not add you site to the links page.  This is because, by copying pictures and or information directly, you show that your only skills as a webmaster, are that you can copy and paste.

Q11.  Can I use a picture of yours for a Birthday Cake, Poster, Wallpaper etc...?
A11.  Yes, if you are wanting to use the pictures on this site for personal projects, that are not going to be published, then you can use them.  However, we go now to Question 12.

Q12.  Can I use a picture and or content of yours for my website?
A12.  NO, get it N O is NO.  There are only a very few rare few occasions where I have allowed people to use my pictures for sites.  

Let me explain this.  I work 40 hours a week, at a job that is very tiring on me.  I work at least probably 5 to 10 hours a week on my websites a week.  This I do for FREE and because I enjoy it.  For people to ask, though most don't, to use pictures and content from my site for their own, cheap looking, site is an insult.  Yes, I know that many of the pictures to start out with are just from Sentai.  However, once the series starts, I begin capturing my own pictures to use.  Again, this is MY time that I give to make this site what it is.  So if you want to make your own Power Rangers Mystic Force site, be creative and find a way to get pictures & content yourself.  The only "talent" you show to have if you use my pictures and content, is that you know how to copy and paste.  In the world of the internet, you're basically just stealing.

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