Mystic Force Blue Ranger

Name:  Madison Rocca
Ranger:  Blue Ranger
Age:  16
Mystic Power:  Water
Morpher:  Mystic Morpher
Weapons:  Magi Staff, Legend Armor, & Mystic Lion Staff
Vehicles:  Mystic Racer
Zord Forms:  Mystic Mermaid & Mystic Lion

Madison was the common sense kind.  She was intelligent and a tad bit shy.  But she loved making movies and aspired to become a film-maker.  Though, she didn’t expect the movie-like fantasy that she’d become a part of.

Madison was a bit skeptical of magic, but she did believe and showed to have great power.

As the Blue Mystic Force Ranger, Madison controlled all liquids and was the brains of the team.  Throughout the year, Madison grew out of her isolated shell she stayed in, and proved herself as a strong member of the Mystic Force Team.

After the final defeat of The Master, Madison stayed in Briairwood to continue working at the Rock Porium.  Before Nick left, he gave Madison his old baby blanket, and told her to hold it for when he came back.  

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