Mystic Force Green Ranger

Name:  Xander Bly
Ranger:  Green Ranger
Age:  17
Mystic Power:  Nature
Morpher:  Mystic Morpher
Weapons:  Magi Staff, Mystic Force Fighters, Legend Armor, & Mystic Lion Staff
Vehicles:  Mystic Racer
Zord Forms:  Mystic Minotaur & Mystic Lion

Xander was a smooth talker and could usually talk his way out of sticky situations.  But he soon learned that he couldn’t do that when battling evil. 

While Xander was a bit skeptical about magic, but he did believe and was shown to have the Power of Nature. 

As the Green Mystic Ranger, Xander controls all things in nature and is a strong second in command.  Thoughout the year, Xander learned that he needed to check his ego at the door, and that the Rangers were a team.  

After the final defeat of The Master, Xander stayed in Briairwood and was promoted to Manager of the Rock Porium.

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