Mystic Force Red Ranger

Name:  Nick Russell a.k.a. Bowen
Ranger:  Red Ranger
Age:  19
Mystic Power:  Fire
Morphers:  Mystic Morpher & Fierce Dragon Morpher
Weapons:  Magi Staff, Mystic Force Fighters, Legend Armor, Mystic Lion Staff, and Red Dragon Fire Armor
Vehicles:  Mystic Racer, Mystic Speeder
Zord Forms:  Mystic Phoenix & Mystic Firebird

Nick was brave and headstrong.  Though at first he was a wanderer.  He would stay somewhere for a short time, and then head back out on the road on his motorcycle.  But that all changed when he came to Briarwood. 

At first, Nick did not believe in his destiny as the Red Mystic Ranger, but when the others were in danger, he believed in himself and showed to be a true leader.

As the Red Mystic Ranger, Nick controlled the power of fire and led the team. 

There was much more to Nick's past, than what he first let on.  Nick eventually revealed that he was adopted, and that he never knew who his real parents were.  All he had from his birth parents was his baby blanket.

It was that blanket that led to the truth.  When Clare used that blanket to cover an ailing Udonna up, Udonna recognized it as the blanket Bowen was wrapped it.  The pieces all fell into place, and Udonna revealed to Koragg (Leanbow), and Nick, that Nick was really Bowen, the son of Udonna and Leanbow.  

With this, Leanbow was able to break the hold the Master held on him completely, and sacrificed himself again to send the Master back to the depths.

Now knowing his parents, Nick was still a bit apprehensive, especially about Leanbow being his father.  It took him some time to forgiven him for fighting the Mystic Force as Koragg.

Nick has also learned that he was "The Light".  The Light was the one force great, strong, and powerful enough to destroy the Darkness.  Because Nick was born from A Great Sorceress (Udonna) and the Greatest Warrior (Leanbow), he had the potential to the greatest Wizard ever.

After the final defeat of The Master, Nick headed out on the road with Udonna and Leanbow, to find his adopted parents and tell them the story of his life.   Before Nick left, he gave Madison his old baby blanket, and told her to hold it for when he came back.  

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