Mystic Force Solaris Knight

Name:  Daggeron
Ranger:  Solaris Knight
Age:  Unknown
Mystic Power:  Sun
Morpher:  Solar Cell Morpher
Weapons:  Laser Lamp
Vehicles:  Solar Carpet
Zords:  Solar Streak Megazord

Daggeron is the Solaris Knight.  He fought along side the Mystics years ago leading up to the great battle.  However, he was attacked in the forest by Calindor, who was once his friend.  With Dark Magic at his command, Calindor fought against the Solaris Knight, and when the battle was over, both of them had been cursed and trapped inside a cave.  Daggeron's curse was being turned into a frog.

After the Rangers broke the spell on the cave, and retrieved the Laser Lamp, Daggeron, in frog form, followed the Rangers out.  As a frog, he saved Madison from being attacked by Jester.  In thanks, Madison kissed the frog and broke the spell over Daggeron.  He was returned to normal.

With Daggeron returned, he not only helped the Rangers as the Solaris Knight, but he also took on the task of teaching them Magic and Battle Skills.  Daggeron was able to use the Solar Cell Morpher to Morph, and also summon the Solar Streak Train via his Mystic Tickets.  The Solaris Knight used the Laser Lamp as his primary weapon.  He also commanded the Solar Streak Megazord.  Solaris received help with both the Lamp and Megazord from Jenji.  

After the final defeat of The Master, Daggeron and Jenji returned to the forest to help rebuild it, and teach Itassis in the ways of good magic.

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