Mystic Force White Ranger

Name:  Udonna
Ranger:  White Ranger
Age:  Unknown
Mystic Power:  Snow
Morpher:  Magic Wand
Weapons:  Snow Staff
Vehicles:  None
Zord Forms:  None

The Sorceress Udonna was the mentor for the Mystic Force Rangers.  She held the Snow Staff and with it, was able to be the White Mystic Ranger.  However, after losing the staff in a battle with Knight Wolf, she lost her Ranger powers. Udonna then taught the teens in the ways of magic. 

Udonna was once married to the Red Wizard long ago, Leanbow.  Together they had a baby boy they named Bowen.  However, in the  great battle, Bowen came up missing.  What happened, was Phineas found the young child, and to protect him from the chaos around him, the Troblin took the baby to the human world and left him there.  Also, Leanbow was lost in battle, as he himself went into the Dark Gates to force the evil away.

However, after the Rangers were captured and taken to the Underworld, Udonna used the Book of Dark Spells to cast a spell and send herself to the Underworld, even though by doing this, she might loose all her magical powers.  After she saved the Rangers, The Master took out his anger on her.  Just as she was about to be destroyed, Koragg's lost memories returned to him, and he remembered he was truly Leanbow.  He rushed in, stopped the Master's attack, saved Udonna, and broke free of the Knight Wolf's Armor, and returned to his true form of Leanbow.

Leanbow then revealed how the Master had taken control of him, and wiped his memory clean.  He still tried his best resist the Master's will, but he was again captured.  Udonna herself was greatly weakened by using the Book of Dark Spells and loosing all her magical powers.

Back at Rootcore, as Clare was taking care of Udonna, she covered her up with Nick's blanket.  It was that blanket that led to the truth.  Udonna recognized it as the blanket Bowen was wrapped it.  The pieces all fell into place, and Udonna revealed to Koragg (Leanbow), and Nick, that Nick was really Bowen, the son of Udonna and Leanbow.  

With this, Leanbow was able to break the hold the Master held on him completely, and sacrificed himself again to send the Master back to the depths.

However, Udonna has not given up in the belief that Leanbow is not gone.  That as long as their is magic, there is the possibility that Leanbow did survive.  With this faith, Udonna has now sent out on a journey to find her husband.  She has left Rootcore and the Rangers, and will not stop searching until she finds Leanbow.  Later Clare joined her in the quest for Leanbow.  

Once they both arrived at the Lake of Lament, Hekatoid was there waiting.  He attacked and captured Udonna.  The Rangers tried their best to retrieve Udonna, but were unsuccessful.  It was actually the team of Clare, Phineas, and Leelee that were able to free Udonna, break the sleep spell, and Leelee had gotten the Snow Staff back for her.  

Once Udonna had Snow Staff and Ranger Powers back, she again joined the Rangers in battle, but she was still set on finding Leanbow, no matter the costs.

With Udonna's constant devotion to finding her husband, Leanbow was revived from his attack.  Udonna's Spiritual Form went to the Underworld to find Leanbow.  Once she did find him, she used her Snow Staff to revive him and re-empower him with the powers of the Wolf Warrior.

After the final defeat of The Master, Udonna hit the road with Nick and Leanbow, to find Nick's adopted parents and tell them the story of Nick's life. 

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