Wolf Warrior

Name:  Leanbow (Once known as Koragg)
Form:  Wolf Warrior (Once known as the Knight Wolf)
Age:  Unknown
Mystic Power:  Fire
Morpher:  Wolf Morpher
Weapons:  Sword & Shield of Fire
Vehicles:  None
Zords:  Catastros

Before the great war, Udonna and Leanbow lived happily with their baby Bowen.  Leanbow was Daggeron’s mentor.  When the forces of evil attacked, the Mystics fought them on all fronts.  Leanbow fought bravely, but Morticon and his troops were too strong.  So Leanbow met with Niella and Daggeron, and laid out his plan.  Niella and Daggeron prepared for the final battle, and they were then joined by one they thought was their friend; Calindor. 

When the battle was taken to the surface world, Udonna knew the forces of Darkness would be after Bowen.  Bowen, born of magical blood, would have the power and the potential to stop their evil domination.  The baby was given to Daggeron, for him to be taken someplace safe.  As Daggeron was escaping with Bowen, he was attacked by Calindor.  Dark Magic gave Calindor more power than ever.  In the end, their magics collided, and they were both cursed and inside the sea cave.

As for Bowen, Phineas found him and took him to the safety of the human world.

Leanbow led the fight, and banished the armies of Darkness to the Underworld.  He himself went into the gates to keep the Evil Forces from escaped.  Before the gates closed, he ordered Niella to seal and lower the gates.  Leanbow then continued the battle behind the gates alone.  Both Leanbow and Niella gave their lives to save everyone else, or so it was thought. 

Now we know, that someway, somehow, while fighting behind the gates, Leanbow was taken over by evil and transformed into Koragg the Knight Wolf, and his memory erased. 

As Koragg the Knight Wolf, he served as a great and powerful warrior and sorcerer.  He carried the Sword & Shield of Darkness.  He battled the forces of good to serve "The Master".  Though, oddly enough he did still seem somewhat familiar to Udonna.

Koragg once had his sights set on destroying the Red Ranger, and thus gaining more power for himself.  However, now his efforts then focused on the Solaris Knight.

When Imperious challenged Koragg to give up his Magical Powers, and prove his battle skills, Koragg did so.  His powers were given to Imperious, and he in turn, turned them into the Dark Morpher.  But after time, Koragg took his magic back by force.

Imperious has clashed numerous times with Koragg, and even tried to convince The Master that Koragg had committed treason against the forces of evil.  However, after proving himself to be honorable, the master let Koragg keep his magic.

When the Rangers were defeated and taken to the Underworld, Undonna managed to enter and save them.  However, The Master then took out his anger on her and was about to destroy her.  It was then that Koragg's memory began to come back to him.  He remembered that he was the Pure Good Warrior of Leanbow.  The jumped in and stopped the Master's attack, shed the warrior of the Knight Wolf, and returned to the form of Leanbow.

Leanbow then managed to send himself, Udonna and the Rangers to another dimension.  There he explained how after he was inside the gates, his planned worked.  He had made his way to the Master and was successful in sending him into the depths.  However, with the Master's last bit of Dark Magic, he managed to turn Leanbow into Koragg.  Thus all of Leanbow's memories were erased.  It was because of the Dark Virus Koragg removed from the Manticore Megazord, that he started to regain his memories.  

Evil soon caught back up with the team, and Leanbow was recaptured and returned to Koragg.  He battled again one on one with the Red Ranger.  At the end, when it seemed all was lost and Nick was about to be destroyed, Udonna came in and stopped Koragg from attacking.  She revealed the Nick was in fact Bowen, her's and Leanbow's son.  With this, Leanbow was finally able to break free completely of the Master's hold on him.  

Just as the Master was about to break into the Surface World, Leanbow changed to his Ancient Mystic Mode and forced the Master back into the depths.  Leanbow again sacrificed himself, using the Mystic Force Fire Strike, he sealed the Master back in the depths.  Plus, the attack sent the Underworld into ruins, as well as returned the Ranger's Legend Powers to them.

Though he seems to be gone, Udonna still believes that Leanbow still could have survived and is out there somewhere.

Leanbow later appeared in the Lake of Lament in the Underworld.  When Sculpin went to the lake, asking it to show him The Master, a projection of Koragg appeared, but now with Leanbow's voice.  Leanbow told the Terror that though he wears the armor of Koragg, he only fights for good.  He also stated that The Master would never rise up, that he wouldn't allow it.  The projection then went to strike Sculpin, but soon disappeared.

Once Sculpin realized that Leanbow would not give up on keeping The Master held back, it was decided that the Rules of Darkness had to be broken.  Sculpin sent Blacklance to help Mega Horn attack the Rangers in Megazord Battle.  This battle was shown to Leanbow in the Lake of Lament.  Knowing that his own son Bowen, Nick, and the Rangers were outmatched, Leanbow returned to the surface world with Catastros.  He formed the Centaurus Wolf Megazord and did battle with Blacklance.  Leanbow managed to defeat Blacklance's steeds and chariot, then transported himself and the terror back to the Underworld.  

After Necrolai found where Leanbow was hiding, Sculpin, Matoombo and Gekkor went to attack him and retrieve the Master.  Leanbow fought hard and managed to hold off Gekkor.  However, Matoombo proved much harder.  Leanbow was weakened enough, that Sculpin was able to strike him, and free the Master.  Leanbow was returned to his Ancient Mystic Mode.  Before leaving, Sculpin struck the ground, causing it to open up and Leanbow to fall in.

With Udonna's constant devotion to finding her husband, Leanbow was revived from his attack.  Udonna's Spiritual Form went to the Underworld to find Leanbow.  Once she did find him, she used her Snow Staff to revive him and re-empower him with the powers of the Wolf Warrior.

With Leanbow back, he had the Wolf Warrior Powers and fought along side the Mystic Force Rangers in battle.

After the final defeat of The Master, Leanbow hit the road with Nick and Udonna, to find Nick's adopted parents and tell them the story of Nick's life.

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