Mystic Force Yellow Ranger

Name:  Charlie "Chip" Thorn
Ranger:  Yellow Ranger
Age:  17
Mystic Power:  Lightning
Morpher:  Mystic Morpher
Weapons:  Magi Staff, Mystic Force Fighters, Legend Armor, & Mystic Lion Staff
Vehicles:  Mystic Racer
Zord Forms:  Mystic Garuda & Mystic Lion

Chip was an adventure-loving guy.  He would battle creatures in his imagination, and wanted to be a part of a dangerous quest.  Soon Chipís dreams came true.

Chip had no problem believing in magic and accepting his destiny as a Mystic Ranger.

As the Yellow Mystic Ranger, Chip harnessed the power of lightning and is the youthful spirit of the team.  Thoughout the year, Chip learned that there was much more to being a hero than a cape and suit.  This led to him becoming a strong force in the team.  

After the final defeat of The Master, Chip stayed in Briairwood to continue working at the Rock Porium, and also became a big story teller of the store.

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