Mystic Vehicles

Mystic Racers

The Mystic Racers are the Rangers primary vehicles.  At first they are normal Mystic Brooms, but when the Rangers use the spell, Galwit - Mysto - Aerotan, the Brooms change into Mystic Racers.  

The Racers are capable of incredible speed and allow the Rangers expedient passage to almost anywhere. 

Mystic Speeder

After realizing the error of his ways about how Madison expresses herself, Nick gained the spell code 1 - 2 -4 "Galwit - Mysto - Motro", thus allowing him to morph his Mystic Racer into the Mystic Speeder.

This cycle is perfect for the Red Ranger in battle.  It's extremely fast and versatile.  Plus, it has a missile that can be launched from the tip, and laser firing capabilities.

Solar Carpet

The Solar Carpet is one of the Solaris Knight's modes transport.


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