Once Known As Calindor

Imperious was once Calindor, a trusted ally to the Mystics.  However, the power of Dark Magic was to great for him to pass up, and he went to the side of evil.  After doing so, he attacked Solaris Knight in the forest.  After the battle was finished, both he and Daggeron were cursed and trapped inside a cave.  Calindor's curse was that he was turned into a stone statue.

Locked away in the sea cave was the Mummy Statue of Imperious.  After the Rangers entered the Sea Cave and retrieved the Mystic Lamp, the Mystic Seal was broken.  Necrolai was then able to enter the cave and get the statue.

The Master then brought Imperious back and gave him a new body.  Necrolai explained how Morticon had been destroyed and that Koragg had not been seen; that is was now Imperious that would destroy the Rangers.

Imperious is now the Dark Wizard of the Underworld, and new commander since Morticon is gone.  His powers are much stronger and more powerful than any the Rangers have come up against.  However, Imperious now seems to have his own goals, and is no longer concerned about the wishes of The Master.

Imperious has also clashed numerous times with Koragg, and even tried to convince The Master that Koragg had committed treason against the forces of evil.  However, after proving himself to be honorable, the master let Koragg keep his magic.  It is now Imperious that should be weary of The Master, since it has been proved that Imperious can not be trusted and has no honor.

Knowing his time was running short, Imperious was going to try and poison the Master, but failed when Koragg came upon him, though not knowing what was about to occur.  Imperious then set out to gain the Master's trust.  He managed to defeat Daggeron and Jenji in the Dimension of Wandering Souls, as well as use a Forbidden Spell to create Chimera.

With Chimera the Rangers were defeated, even with their Legend Powers, and taken to the Underworld for the Master.  However, with Koragg remembering his past, and returning to that of Leanbow, Imperious' plans soon failed.  

Leanbow, Udonna and the Rangers escaped to another dimension.  Though Imperious, Necrolai and Chimera soon followed.  Imperious was then met with another surprise, as Solaris Knight came to the Rangers rescue on Brightstar on the Unicorn.  

Just when Daggeron was about to be destroyed, Jenji flew in and swallowed him, and later sneezed him back out.  So Jenji saved both their lives.

With having enough of Solaris Knight, Imperious challenge him to a Bound Battle, with no magic spells or weapon, only swords.  The two fought one another in a separate dimension in their Ancient Mystic Mode.  However, when he was about to loose, Imperious put Jenji inside the Lamp and used is as a shield to keep Daggeron from attacking.  After than Imperious managed to knock Daggeron out of his Mystic Mode.  But in the end, Daggeron was able to defeat Imperious without cheating.  Just before Imperious was destroyed for good, he warned that a great terror would soon be unleashed.  

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