The Master

The Master was the main force in command of all the evil in the Underworld.  With each day he grew more powerful and prepared for his return.

Back during the great battle, Leanbow went into the gates to force The Master back into the depths.  The plan worked, however, before the Master was sealed away, he used the last of his Dark Magic to turn Leanbow into Koragg the Knight Wolf, and erased all of Leanbow's memories.

After Leanbow regained his past, and finally broke free of the Master's control, he again forced the great beast into the depths and sealed him with the Mystic Force Fire Strike.

It is still believed that the Master still survived, and still may return somehow.  After the Terrors took over attacking the Surface World, Sculpin began to wonder why The Master had not yet retuned.  He soon found out that The Master's Energy was being held inside Koragg, and it was the now good Knight Wolf that was keeping the Master from returning.  

After Sculpin, Matoombo, and Gekkor located Leanbow, they were successful in attacking and regaining The Master's energy.  With the energy back in the hands of evil, it was not long before The Master would choose one of the five remaining Terrors to use as his host body.

Matoombo was the one the evil power chose, but after Vida showed Matoombo that being evil and destroy meant that people got hurt, the Terror decided not to serve the Master, and find away to keep the evil overload from returning.

Thanks to the Pink and Green Rangers, Matoombo was able to find the Sleeping Lake in the Dawn Dimension.  Once he would enter the lake, he would sleep for all eternity, thus keeping The Master's energy inside him from escape and returning.  However, before he could enter the lake, Sculpin found him and struck him down, allowing The Master to gain control.

Matoombo grew large, and The Master destroyed Matoombo as he returned to his full power and form.  The great evil told the Rangers that they would all perish, and also showed Daggeron a vision of his defeat in his Ancient Mystic Mode.  The Master then left the Dawn Dimension.

He resided inside Stone of Judgement for a short time, and selected Itassis to go to the Surface World and destroy.  However, after Itassis failed, The Master decided to take matters into his own hands and emerged from the stone; destroying it in the process.

The Master went to the forest and possessed Nick with his Dark Magic.  With Nick possessed, he attacked a forest village and then went after Leanbow, only now with the Power of the Koragg Armor.  The two battle fiercely, but Wolf Warrior was not powerful enough to fight against The Master's evil himself.  Luckily, Leanbow was able to get through to Nick, and free him from the control of The Master.

The Master's next move was to attack The Mystic Mother.  The Master went to the realm of the Mystic Mother to destroy her.  Though the Mystic Mother tried her strongest spell, it was not enough to fend off the great evil beast.  The Master attacked Mystic Mother and the palace, and remained there waiting.

He wait was short, as Solaris Knight and Wolf Warrior soon arrived to check to see if the Mystic Mother had survived.  The Master then attacked the two knights, and stole their Knight Power.  This left the warriors with only their Ancient Mystic Mode Armor.  The evil Master again attacked the two, this time depleting them of their life-force.  

Back on Earth, after the Rangers had successfully defeated Blacklance, The Master arrived in giant form.  He threw down Daggeron and Leanbow's lifeless Ancient Mystic Mode bodies for the Rangers to see.  While the Rangers were in shock of the their defeated friends, The Master captured them and transported them to his future Earth where he ruled in Darkness.

The Rangers tried to fight him still with their Legend Power and Manticore Megazord, but it was still not enough.  The Master devoured the magic of the Manticore, and forced the Rangers to retreat into a cave.

Once safely in the cave, Nick was ready to give up, but the others knocked him out of it and made him realize that they had to keep fighting.  The Master showed up in the cave, now normal size, and was ready to finish off the Rangers.  But now Nick was ready to fight.  Nick called forth all the good magic left in the world and his body.  Nick morphed into the Red Ranger and struck The Master with his Mystic Lion Staff, causing the Dark Armor to be destroyed.  The Red Ranger then struck The Master with the Magi Staff Sword, causing the future Earth dimension to warp.  Soon all of them were transported back to the normal Earth, though the Rangers were now without powers.

The Master was ready to strike the Rangers again, but this time the attack was stopped by Clare.  Her and Snow Prince arrived and revealed that before Mystic Mother could be destroyed, she transformed herself into energy.  By doing this, she was able to give Clare power and make her a full sorceress.

Then before the evil Master could retreat, Necrolai, Udonna, and Itassis showed up and revealed that both Sculpin and the Pit of the Underworld had been destroyed by Itassis.  The former Terror then attacked The Master herself.  The bought them a short amount of time.  Enough for Necrolai to use her powers to revive Daggeron and Leanbow and Jenji.

For the final time, The Master returned.  He burst out of the rubble in his giant form and was ready to destroy everyone.  Though the Rangers did not have their powers, thanks to Toby & Phineas, the Mystic Force got their powers back one more time.  Toby convinced the citizens of the city not to fear those in the forest, and Phineas convinced those in the forest not to fear the human.  Together, with all their belief in magic, they were able to give the Rangers back their powers.

With all eight members of the Mystic Force back in action, they attacked The Master together.  The Rangers began sending all their magic to The Master.  The Master started eating all the magic, but there was no end to the Rangers magic.  As they continued feeding, The Master soon reached his limit.  Finally, The Master could take no more and he became overloaded on magic and was finally destroyed.

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