Morticon was a powerful leader of the Evil Undead Forces, though he seemed to struggle for control with Koragg.  Morticon's power was so great, that there was not a spell powerful enough to release him from the Underworld.

Koragg was able to release Morticon to the surface once, after he formed the Centaurus Wolf Megazord.  However, the Red Ranger in his Mystic Phoenix Mode, was able to gain the power to use the Counter Spell and send Morticon back to the Underworld.

Morticon was finally freed from the Underworld, after Necrolai used the Gatekeeper's magic to raise the Gates to the surface world.  When the Titan Megazord fell back into the Gates, it cracked them just enough for Morticon to be set free.

The powerful wizard monster fought and defeated the Rangers the first time, and then set out to destroy the city of Briarwood with the Gargoyle of the Gates.  But the Rangers kept fighting.  While the Red Ranger went to rescue Clare, the Green, Yellow, Pink and Blue Rangers continued fighting against Morticon, in their Mystic Titan Forms.  

When the Red Ranger returned, he had Catastros with him.  He formed the Centaurus Phoenix Megazord and weakened Morticon with an attack.  Together, the Rangers formed the Titan Megazord once more, and with the help of the White Rangers channeled powers, the Mystic Force Ranger were finally successful in destroying Morticon once and for all with a Mystic Strike attack.

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