Necrolai / Nikkei 

Necrolai is the Mistress of the Underworld, as well as the Queen of the Vampires.  Being the Vampire Queen, she can walk both during the day and night, and has greater powers and abilities than normal vampires.

She scouts the surface human world, and reported her findings back to Morticon.  Necrolai also does battle against the Rangers using her laser firing eyes and her large bat-like wings.

Necrolai was given the Dark Morpher by Imperious.  With this she had more Dark Magical Powers and abilities.  However, Koragg soon regained his magical powers.  After Imperious was destroyed and The Master re imprisoned by Leanbow, Necrolai found the Book of Prophecy, which led her to discover the Ten Terrors.

Necrolai served the Terrors, but soon learned that they had no real use for her, and could not care what happened to her.  Itassis showed to be the only one to have compassion for the evil servant.  Because of this, after Sculpin and Blacklance had tried to destroy Itassis, Necrolai used her powers to revive the fallen Terror.  

It was then that both Itassis and Necrolai decided to no longer serve The Master or Dark Magic.  After Necrolai, Udonna and Itassis escaped the Pit of the Underworld, Leelee convinced her mother to again use her powers to revive the fallen Daggeron, Leanbow, and Jenji.  She did so, and by doing this, was transformed into the human Nikkie.

After The Master was destroyed, Nikkei and Leelee moved into a condo in Briarwood.  Plus, Nikkei started dating Toby.

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